Dodge The Bobbys on the Beat – Bobby 7’s Slot

There are several parts to Bobby 7s that could be deemed “classic”: first off, the symbols of fruit shown on the reels explains why some still call these fruit machines, while the comical ringing sound played while these reels spin is redolent of early arcade versions. As to whether the term “bobby” is still used for English policemen, who can say, but Bobby 7s shows him in classic garb, helmeted and armed with a truncheon, in pursuit of the thief. Amaya Software, the industry leader in slot games, has done a great job in bringing the classic humorous feel of British comedy to this game. The backdrop is of a city at night, with drifting clouds; a black cat waves its tail, and in the corner is parked a “panda car”, no doubt parked by the Wild officer who chases across the reels.

Get your Daily Fruit Allowance

As stated, the lower valued symbols are those of the cherries, watermelon, strawberry, orange, lemon and damson (in distress?). Combinations of these vary in value, but the game does have a handy Info feature, which explains the nature of all of these, as well as how all of the features and pay lines work, all to the accompaniment of a slapstick comedic tune. The Wild symbol, of a bobby in pursuit, is accompanied by the sound of a siren, as he waves his truncheon, and can substitute for any of these symbols in a pay line.

The appearance of the masked Thief on reels 1, 3 and 5 will result in you being awarded a double multiplier of your bet. Click on one of the Thieves, and receive a number of free spins. During Free Spin mode, all prizes are also doubled, you can receive more free spins, and one of the 7s Bonus Games can be activated.

Lucky Number 7

There are three symbols of 7s, animated as different characters: the Crook wears striped uniform, and is shackled to a ball and chain. The Policeman is dressed in blue, and has a red light on his head, while the Judge appears in scarlet robe and powdered wig, wielding a gavel.

The appearance of the Crook on reels 3, 4 and 5 can reveal a multiplier of up to 40 times your bet. Choose one of the crooks, click on him, and see what amount of swag he has in his bag.

The Police 7 Feature is activated by his appearance on reels 1, 2 and 3. The screen changes to a ladder, where you have to bet on whether the next number will be High or Low, in order to keep moving up the rungs of prizes.

Finally, the Judge 7 is simply a multiplier of your bet, with the judge banging his gavel to show the value of this multiplier.

Bobby 7s is a fun and engaging slot, without overly complicated animations, but plenty of humour. With a maximum permissible bet of 125 coins per spin, it offers several great ways to maximise your winnings, and to keep players smiling.

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