Glitz and Glamour Rummy Online

Now this is a game that is a little different from the normal forms of table game classics. Called Vegas three card rummy this game combines two of the more popular card games of all time, that is gin rummy and poker. This may sound a little confusing but as a game the combination plays well and is actually relatively easy to learn, especially if players are familiar with either of the inspiring parent games. Since the name is in the title it can be assumed that the parent game with the dominant genes was the rummy, and it pretty much is the case, with the scoring system being adopted from the aforementioned game.

Regardless of make-up however, Vegas three card rummy is a game of its own and has thrills and spills unique to it. So ultimately even if players never really fancied either rummy or poker, this mashup of the two may just be a happy middle that appeals to these punters too and appeals to many plays of bingo in Canada as it has a similar slow pace of gaming.

The Rules and Gameplay of this Game

The way Vegas three card rummy is played becomes quite quick to deduce once it all gets started and to do this the players place an ante bet. This bet can be followed up with an additional bonus bet, which will feature further down the line. Once the game begins the dealer, the one the players are ultimately playing against, deals themselves as well as the player an unsurprising three cards, with the dealer’s cards being dealt face down and therefore unidentifiable to the player.

At this point it may be prudent to break character and touch on the fundamental rules of the game of Vegas three card rummy. Firstly it is played with a total of 52 cards, the usual standard French deck without any jokers. The second point to note is the points themselves, not a meta statement but a by-product of the game being based on gin rummy. That is an Ace is one point, the face cards worth ten and the numbered cards their respective numbers.

Now with that understood the objective of the game of Vegas three card rummy is to score a lower total point value than that of the dealer. This is not simply done by tallying the aforementioned points for each card, or rather not necessarily, as this irregularity only actually occurs when particular events occur. This is where the game of poker features and the result is that when any part of the three cards the player is dealt can form any kind of possible poker hand, the cards involved adopt the value of zero and so substantially reduce the score of the hand, bettering the outcome.

Winning the Game Vegas three card rummy

Once the points have been tallied appropriately by the player they then have the option to either raise or fold, before ultimately comparing their points to that of the dealer where a final winner is deduced. By this point players may have made up to 3 bets, with a minimum of one if they fold. The three different bets are appraised for different particular outcomes, based on the dealer and player’s score as well as the outcome. This does make the game of Vegas three card rummy rather unique as a game and perhaps at least worth a try.

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