The Desert is Full of Jewels – Sultans Fortune

The vibrant world of online slots is made up of just about every theme and genre in the world. Slots featuring thousands of combination possibilities, hundreds of paylines, and a multitude of complex bonus games are all the rage in modern times.

There are some slots, however, that are as simple as they come, and they allow players to get back to the most traditional and classic gameplay the industry has to offer. Sultan’s Fortune is one such slot, and it harkens back to the original slot machines that were technically simple, but still offered players hours of entertainment.

Sultan’s Fortune is a small 3 reel, 1 payline slot made and powered by software giant Playtech. The simplicity of the slot is its biggest draw, where players can just hit the spin button and start playing. There is no need to make all kinds of complex wagering choices, or spending half an hour reading through all the various combinations possibilities in the game. Everything the player needs to enjoy the game can be found on the main screen, including all betting options and all symbols, including the combinations that those symbols can form. A 10000x jackpot is also included in the game.

Sultan’s Fortune Theme

Sultan’s Fortune features an Arabic theme, more specifically, an ancient Arabian palace and the sultan himself. The game is set within the Sultan’s palace, where everything is a vibrant mixture of purple, pink, and blue. This is a slot that would happily fit on the floor of a bright casino in the middle of Las Vegas.

The symbols in the game, however, are by no means traditional, and instead fit in with the overall theme of the game. Scimitars, gemstones, pearls and hearts make up the bulk of the symbols. The range of values ranges from the bottom, which is the 3 symbol, to the very highest, the top hat and wand. The combinations that are available in the Australian online pokies game can be viewed above the reels, where players can quickly check to see what combinations their spin may reveal once the reels come to a stop.

Sultan’s Fortune Layout

Thanks to the simple nature of the slot, Sultan’s Fortune is extremely easy to use. Everything is laid out in order, with a betting option to the far left, and an autoplay, spin, and max bet right in the middle, below the reels. On the right side, a small display for total winnings is shown, where players can easily keep track of all the earning they acquire as they play the game. There is not much else that players will need to keep track of, and Sultan’s Slot is one of those few machines that is completely about the reels and the gameplay involved, without any bonus content to worry about.

Sultan Fortune Verdict

Sultan’s Fortune is a slot that has become a rare sight to behold in an industry packed with modern, complex games that have more bonus content than ever before. Despite this, Sultan’s Slot is perfect for the player that wants to be transported back to the times when slot machines were simple and entertaining.

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