Extra Fun In Extra Cash Online Slots

The Extra Cash slot machine, designed by NextGen, is a fun, entertaining online gambling experience. It features a charming theme, based around a paper boy in the nineteen sixties. The fully animated character will appear on the left of the screen, reacting to the game in progress, and even lending a helping hand.

The music is also highly endearing, reflecting the classic sounds of the era. A five reel, fifty pay line system is used, meaning that wins are frequent. Take note that this game may be played for free, or for real money, as the payer prefers. If playing for real money, please ensure that funds are available in your account to make bets. If you need to make a deposit into your account, please use the appropriate link and have your bank account details reads.

Standard Play Tiles

The Extra Cash slot game uses a number of tiles designed to fit the theme. You will find a newspaper stand, red wagon, stack of newspapers, and old fashioned car. The car has the highest value, and if matched in a sequence at least five times with itself, has the largest standard winning payout. The real money, however, is in the special icons.

Special Bonus Tiles

There are a few special features in the Extra Cash slot machine game. This first is the paper boy himself, who will occasionally add an extra wild to the tiles, after a spin has finished. There is no way to make this happen, and the event triggers randomly, but the extra wild will almost always result in a win.

The second special feature is the scatter icon, represented by a printing press. If landing a scatter icon at least three times, a number of free spins will be granted, depending how many scatter icons match. The free spins will play out automatically, with no input required from the player. Note that more free spins may not be gathered during the sequence.

Playing Platform Options

The Extra Cash slot machine game is specifically designed to be played on a touch screen. This means that mobile phones or tablets are perfect platform options. All buttons are also operated by a single touch, and the tiles are boldly designed, meaning that even a mobile phone with a smaller screen may be used. If, however, you prefer a mouse and larger screen, a laptop or home computer is equally as catered for.

You may simply open the game in a web browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, and it will load automatically, without making a permanent download to your hard drive. Once the game has loaded, it will play in the browser. Please keep in mind, however, that the game requires the Flash software to run correctly in a browser. If the game does not open, please search for the Flash software via a search engine, and install it. The software is free, and install will take only a few moments, and you’ll be ready to play slots without any delay.

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