Newest Big Bad Wolf Slot Information

Many will remember the story about the Three Little Pigs from their childhood, and Big Bad Wolf slot is based exactly on that. The story is well known across the world; a wolf is trying to blow the pigs’ house down, and they must find a way to protect themselves. This story has been translated across into Big Bad Wolf slot against a backdrop of a small house in the country. The game features 25 paylines and 5 reels, but is unique in the fact that cascading reels are in place of the more common spinning reels. The cascading reels add to the general theme of the gameplay, where the reels in question are actually crates that fall from the top.

Symbols in Big Bad Wolf slot are made up of images of pigs, wolves, numbers and letters, with all of them fitting in with the general aesthetic of the game.

Big Bad Wolf Slot Gameplay

Despite the many differences to classic slots, Big Bad Wolf slot features the same, traditional gameplay. A bet is made, the player spins, and certain combinations can be landed. The difference between Big Bad Wolf slot and other slots, however, is that the reels are perpetually cascading. This means that landing a combination causes the symbols to blow away, and new symbols take their place. If a combination is not landed during a spin, an entire new set of crates fall down from the top and fill up the house. Landing combinations in a row can quickly create large wins, as new combinations can quickly be created as new crates fall to replace previous ones.

Values of symbols and various available combinations can be viewed by clicking on the small question mark button in the bottom left hand side of the screen. This panel will allow players to learn about what the game offers in terms of special features and bonuses. The wild symbol in the game is represented as a beehive, which can act as a substitute, allowing certain combinations to be completed.

Big Bad Wolf Slot Bonuses

A unique mechanic in the game is the wild slots at the top of the screen, which can be filled up when players land certain combinations. Filling the wild pig slots can result in extra winnings for the player, as well as the chance for extra wilds.

One of the biggest features of the game is activated when a player lands three or more wolf symbols during a spin. This will start a cut scene where a wolf will appear and blow the entire house away, and players will be moved to a new screen where they are given ten free spins. During this phase of Big Bad Wolf slot, landing moon symbols and filling up the moon bar at the top will cause subsequent houses to be blown away, adding even more to winnings as well as extra free spins.

Big Bad Wolf In Summary

With its pleasant background and interesting story, Big Bad Wolf real money slots Philippines will provide entertainment to all manner of players. The game contains many unique features that fit well with the theme, and the bonuses can mean huge wins.

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