Doctor Love Online Slot Game

Doctor Love Slots Online

Doctor Love is an online casino slot game, playable directly in your browser via the Flash software. It features a pleasant hospital theme, incorporating Doctor Love as a wild card. The player must match symbols in order to win, as is expected, and can earn bonus wins by having more then one row of matching symbols at a time. This can equal huge payouts, and will be accompanied by an explosion of diamonds animation. This game can be played for free, or for real money as the player chooses. To play for real money you will need an active account, a linked bank account, and available funds.

Symbols Used

The pokies online NZ for real money symbols used in this game are all tied to a doctor, or hospital theme. They include a sick patient, nurse, hospital bed, stethoscope, crutches, and more. When matching these symbols in a row, a win will be achieved. Matches may also be made by adjacent symbols, if they are in a running sequence, allowing for more winning options. A win will be clearly marked by a line that runs through the matching symbols, and also showing the value of the match as they sit in sequence.

Doctor Love

The Doctor Love Symbol, recognisable by his blonde hair and wide smile, is a wild card, and can be matched with any of the other icons, any number of times. With the wild card a player can achieve huge winnings if the symbols match up in consecutive sequence. The player should hope to see as much of this icon as is possible. When he is triggered, his icon will animate and a pleasant tune will play.

Love Meter

The love meter icon can be matched with itself for bonus winnings, even if it is not in sequence. This icon, in conjunction with Doctor Love, is what the player wants to be looking out for. Its presence will be marked by a particular sound.

User Interface

To increase the bet, or to see other useful information, look to the bottom of the screen. Here you will see what the current balance in your account is, what the current wager is, and how much the current spin has won. You may also use the plus button to increase your bet as you prefer, or to the maximum by pressing the appropriate button. For more information about this game, or if you have any questions, please contact the customer support centre where you are playing the game. Remember to keep your account details safe, and not to leave the game running while you are not playing.

Playing Via Flash

This game is designed to be played in your browser, via the Flash software. Flash is a free program that can be downloaded and installed for free, and is compatible with Chrome and Internet Explorer. To get Flash now, simply do a search for it and click to have it downloaded, then install it as you would any other program. It is free, and the download and installation quick. If you attempt to play the game and get an error message, there is a good chance you have to install Flash.

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