Live Roulette Online

How To Play Live Roulette Online

In the world of casinos, there are a number of online roulette Australia games that have emerged as firm favorites amongst players for several years. Even as the casino industry expanded and joined the digital world, those games still remained just as popular at online casinos. One of these games is live roulette, which when played online, makes players feel as though they are sitting playing in an offline casino as they get to experience a live game. If you are hoping to try this game out, you will find the basic rules of how to play below.

The Objective Of The Game

When it comes to live roulette, the objective is pretty simple. Basically, what players need to do predict the number that the wheel will land on. There are 37 different possibilities. Players can also wager a bet as to whether the wheel will stop on red or black. They will be able to see the wheel spin in its entirety, as the game is live. What this means is that there is no automated spinning done by the online casino. The spinning of the wheel will be performed by an actual dealer or croupier, and players can watch it all happen on their screens.

Inside Bets

Live roulette’s inside bets sees players needing to bet on specific numbers on the inside reel of the wheel. Because these bets need to be a lot more specific, they have the potential to yield higher wins. There are several different ways to place an inside bet, including straight up, which means that players need to bet on just one number. Furthermore, there is the option of a split bet, which involves betting on two different numbers, or a street bet, which a player will need to choose at least three numbers for. The aforementioned bets are the simplest kinds of inside bets that can be placed.

Outside Bets

Unlike inside bets, outside bets do not need to be placed on specific numbers, and are made on the outer reel of the wheel. These pay out at a lower rate than inside bets, as they are much simpler to make. Players can simply bet on whether the ball will land on red or black, or an odd or even number. Furthermore, there is also the option of column betting, which essentially means players bet on a total of 12 numbers in the hopes that the ball will land on one of them.

Live roulette is available to play at a number of leading online casinos. This game is an extremely unpredictable one, which is perhaps what has made it so popular over the years. As long as you understand the basic objectives, as well as the different kinds of bets that can be placed, you could make this game work in your favor. All that you need is a little bit of strategy mixed with a little bit of patience, as it may take a little bit of time for your bets to prove fruitful.


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