Playing Royal Cash Online Slots with Our Guide

Royal Cash, created by Soft Bet, is an online slot game. It utilises a standard five reel, ten betting line system, and is based around the vague theme of an incredibly wealthy royal couple, a king and a queen, both of which seem to be rather generous with their money. The graphics of the game are decent, and the soundtrack outstanding, but in comparison to some other modern slot games one can’t help but feel that the most was not made of the theme in terms of creativity.

In terms of game play, however, using a random multiplier system that can often result in nail biting situations, Royal Cash stands apart as offering extremely tense and exiting entertainment. It should be noted that the player is allowed to select individual betting lines on which to place money, but this is not very well communicated by the game. Even when changing the bet lines, done via the interface at the bottom of the screen, the numbers beside the play area still read one. This is a confusing misstep in game design, but does not make the play any less interesting.

Symbol Designs

The toothy king and snooty queen are the stars of the game, and as such are the most valuable symbols in terms of payouts.

The king, clutching a golden goblet overflowing with coins, will payout an enormous amount if matched with himself the total of five times, while the queen offers slightly less, but is still a healthy payout. This is followed by, in terms of value, the treasure chest, sacks of gold, and golden crown.

The least valuable symbols are the standard nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace, which although are somewhat uncreative, do fit the theme of the game in this case. In order to really win big in Royal cash, however, the player must learn about the wild multiplier system.

Wild Multipliers and Specials

The wild symbol in the game is represented by the written words Royal Cash. This symbol will match with any other symbol to form a matching sequence, greatly increasing the chances of payouts being achieved. The wild symbol may also match with itself up to five times, which, although rare, grants a payout and a number of free spins.

The higher the match value, the greater the number of the free spins granted. If five wild symbols are matched, this will result in up to fifty free spins. The wild multiplier symbols are the real moneymakers in the game, and can be recognised as 2X, 3X, 5X and 10x, which appear randomly on the reels. If landing in a sequence the payout will be multiplied by the number indicated. This can result in highly lucrative payouts, and the result is often the difference between a moderate payout, and an exceptional one. Note that during a free spins sequence the wild multipliers are still active, and that further free spins may be added to those already existing by further matching wild symbols. No more then one hundred free spins may be won at any time, however, which does limit the total potential winnings somewhat.

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