Spin The Reels During the Disco Spins Online Slot Game

Disco Spins is an online slot game created by the well known Net Entertainment Company. The theme of the game, as the name suggests, borrows heavily from the swinging seventies, including the music and unique sense of fashion. But, in an attempt to make the game more appealing to a broader audience, Net Entertainment has focused on a handful of interesting cartoon characters, as apposed to the era itself.

Don’t be alarmed, however, as a highly seventies inspired soundtrack is included, sure to have players bopping their heads with each spin of the reels. As with all Net Entertainment games, the graphics are well realised and crystal clear, although it is a touch disappointing that the unique characters do not have animations. In terms of game play Disco Spins features a standard five reel, twenty play line system, with the player allowed to select the number of active play lines before each spin. There is, however, a unique extra system that makes Disco Spins stand apart, simply for the sheer amount of interesting innovation. This is the dancer colour system, which will be discussed later.

Standard Play Symbol Designs

As with any game based around the seventies, there are a lot of bellbottoms and disco balls in Disco Spins. Interestingly, however, there are considerably fewer unique symbols then might be expected. The most prominent symbols are the five characters, each with a defining colour.

These are the lady in red with heart sunglasses, the man in yellow with the big grin, the lady in purple with purple sunglasses, the lady in green with the stylish earrings, and the bearded man blue star sunglasses. These are in descending order, as far as value is concerned. The remaining symbols are the jack queen, king and ace of playing cards. So what is it that makes Disco Spins so unique? Lets have a closer look.

Bonus Play Systems

The colour of each dancer can match with the colour of the play area. During each spin the play locations change colour, imitating a chequered dance floor. If a dancer symbol matches to the floor symbol, the dancer will instantly be transformed into a wild symbol. This, of course, happens on almost every spin, granting massive chances to get frequent wins.

The system is so generous it is almost too good to be true. What’s the catch? The catch is that although wilds are frequent, it is rarely the dancers that form matching sequences, but the playing card numbers. The dancers, although often forming wilds, do not often match, meaning that the regular payouts are generally small in value. They are still, however, fairly frequent, regardless of how small they are.

There are two other bonus symbols, the scatter and free spins disco balls. The scatter disco ball will grant a large instant payout if matched three times, which is certainly not to be sneezed at, while the free spins disco ball, as the name suggests, grants fifteen free spins upon being matched. Keep in mind that all payouts are doubled during the free spins sequence which can net you some wins similar to poli poker hands!.

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