TV Series Themed Online Slot Stargate SG1 Guide

This is a rather uniquely themed slot game from a rather unique slot developer. The name of this slot is Stargate SG1 and it is clearly based on the Movie and TV series that followed suit, with symbols and resemblances from the movie coming across on the reels and backdrop. The developer of this slot game is Fremantle Media and whilst they have interests across a wide range of media avenues, they have also created a few online slot games, mostly based on the shows that they were initially a part of. Despite the smaller nature of this slot developer this game and few of their others have been done quite well and make for rather entertaining, slightly retro, slot game experiences.

In this Stargate SG1 online slot players will find a set of 5 reels, though the symbols themselves actually hover information as opposed to find themselves stuck onto a surface. There are 3 rows of these symbols and despite the lack of structure the gameplay is still easy to jump into. There are 20 pay lines in this slot, with betting options that allows for choice on number of active pay lines and the bet per line. The bonus features in this online slot are rather minimalistic, perhaps tying in with the retro style, but still include Wilds and even a few free spins for the players to discover.

Identifying with the Stargate SG1 Slot Theme

Theming an online slot game on a tv show that has seen a considerable show of loyalty throughout the years is a pretty ingenious idea, as it rallies the subset of players that are both fond of the show and slot gaming into action. However for such a game to work, especially in the longer term, requires a dedicated theme portrayal, one which can keep the players entertained and relating to the show it is ultimately based on. This is definitely attempted by Fremantle Media as is evident through the symbols, backdrop and even sound effects found in this slot.

Looking at symbols from the not so apparent reels of this Stargate SG1 online slot game and players will find a rather retro styled selection of paying symbols. These of course play the most influential role in the slot and through proxy the theme to. These involve various Egyptian themed imagery like weapons, masks, the eye of Horus and even a pyramid, perhaps to complement the pyramid found behind the reels. There are also rather futuristic playing card symbols, om the reels to, adopting the smaller wins so that the more thematic symbols can take up a larger mantle.

The Bonuses within Stargate SG1 Online Slot

As mentioned above, Fremantle Media have included a few bonus features into this themed slot of theirs and players might do well to take note of these. The first bonus feature on the list is the Wilds, which unlike the ordinary Wilds that most every mobile pokiesĀ game features, has two specialised appearances. These include as the Mothership and Transporter rings, with the former appearing on reels 2 and 3 and awarding a random multiplier alongside the win, whilst the latter appears on reels 2 and 4 and can turn entire reels Wild to allow for even further wins to be accrued.

The Free spins in Stargate SG1 slot game are triggered through the Scatter when 3 or more land on the reels. Here players can win between 10 and 20 free spins, with a 2 times multiplier applied to the entire feature.

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