Online Video Poker 10’s or Better in Detail

The game of video poker is effectively a combination of the rules and style of the famous card game with the gameplay of a slot game. This means that players play against a dealer, as opposed to other players, and must complete winning poker hands in order to win, with the return based on the strength of the poker hand constructed. The game of 10’s or Better video poker is something a little different however, with the fact that the hands formed win when constructed with cards that are either 10 or higher. Whilst this may sound slightly tricky, the version of poker employed in this video poker game is 5 card draw, so a variation known for offering players good odds versus the dealer.

This video poker game of 10’s or Better was developed by Playtech and actually incorporates a fair bit of action as well as a goodly mix of perhaps two of the biggest games in the casino industry, namely slots and poker. Regardless then if players fancy either of these two giants of the industry, as this remix allows for something different from both its parent games.

How to Play 10’s or Better

The game is fairly straightforward to follow, with most of the rules and basic structure very similar to 5 card draw poker. To this effect, when players begin a game of 10’s or Better they are dealt 5 poker cards. The objective remember is to try and form a hand with as many possible cards valued at 10 or higher, that is 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. With this in mind, the next step on the cards is to select which of the five, up to all of them or none, to discard.

These cards are then replaced with new cards from the standard 52 card deck this online video poker game is set out with. Once these cards have been drawn the game detects any successfully completed hand combinations consisting of the aforementioned 10’s or Better valued poker cards. Should players be successful here they will win returns the same way as in a slot, through a pay table multiplier of the initial bet placed.

Additional Features to 10’s or Better

There are a few more interesting possibilities with this game though, that pretty much just complement the aforementioned gameplay. These include the possibility of playing multiple hands, up to 10, at once and so make the entire process just a little bit more intense. There is also a gamble feature employed at this video poker game, reaching straight from the repertoire of video slots with this one.

Here players can try and double their winnings by picking a card from a set of face down cards to try and guess one higher than the face up card shown during this period. Succeed in this and double the winnings from the last game played, fail and only win half the initial sum. This definitely makes the game feel a little more like a slot game, which could be great depending on who’s playing 10’s or Better video poker.

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