Review on Cryptologic Games The Zombies Slot

Zombies hopped from myths and urban legends, into the pages of novels, then into the big screen in feature films and are now making their rise on reels of slot games. Think about the scenario you watch in a zombie movie, the victims running around scared and screaming, destroyed cars and burnt down houses and that’s what you’ll get in the Cryptologic Games The Zombies online slot machine – and more.

This slot features 25 pay lines and 5 reels.

What Makes For A Rewarding Online Game?

So, what makes this a rewarding game you ask? Well it’s rewarding as it features special reel symbols, a fun bonus game and a progressive jackpot. The rewards received on this slot are also dependent on the wagers placed per pay line. Betting one cent per line when compared to five dollars per line will not surprisingly reap different rewards.

The wild symbol, which replaces other symbols on the reels of Cryptologic Games The Zombies slot, substitutes whichever other symbols land on the reels at the same time to provide rewarding symbol combinations. Adding to the rewarding combinations is the scatter symbol that provides nice payouts.

Rewards keep paying out with the fun bonus round on Cryptologic Games The Zombies slot machine. This feature truly rewards players with quality entertainment as this bonus round entails a shooting game, with every accurate shooting of a zombie rendering a prize. It really is so much fun.

A rewarding online game is ranked according to its jackpot. This slot is doubly rewarding as it boasts not one, but two, ever-increasing jackpots. These jackpots are awarded at random intervals but in order to stand a chance of claiming the ultimate reward prize, players need to bet in maximum bet when playing at online casino Dubai.

Want To Win More, Secrets Unveiled

One of the most important secrets for winning on Cryptologic Games The Zombies is to always bet max which means to start the current spin using the highest coin denomination and triggering all active pay lines per spin. To win more on this game, read the pay table available and the rules of the game before commencing. If you want to win more, and more frequently, click the autoplay game mode where it spins the reels for you without a pause. To win more and really get the best out of this game, read the gameplay tips that appear under the reels for easy reference.

To ensure every real money spin is effective, why not try the demo version of this game or play on the free money mode first and get used to the gameplay and combinations, among other aspects. Once comfortable and informed on the game’s know-how, then move onto the real money game mode. Another secret to slot success is to start with small bets and then increase your bets as you progress in the game and become more comfortable. Players know when to stop and with this game provided online at all times, you can return to the rewarding gaming action right away.

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