Carnival Fun With Golden Ticket Online Slot Game

Golden Ticket, created by Play ‘n Go, is an online casino slot machine game, featuring excellent artwork and an engaging carnival theme. It has a number of unique features, including interesting ways to grab enormous bonus payouts. Rather then the spinning reel system of similar games, Golden Ticket uses a tile system, by which tiles fall from the top of the screen, and land with the potential to create matching sets. If full rows, from top to bottom, are cleared, they may trigger the bonus carnival game, whereby players can win massive payouts.

Professional Artwork Icons And Graphics

The game features professional, well created graphics, adding an extra level of entertainment. The figure on the right may change between the three characters, the ring master, clown, or strong man, as the game progresses and tiles are won. The icons themselves are themed around a carnival experience, including tops hats, weights, a tent, and the three characters. When landing, same tiles must be beside one another to match. When matching, they will burn and disappear. Note that the golden ticket icon, which appears during play, can match with all other icons to form a winning match. This can create a cascading effect, leading to ever more winning matches.

Bonus Game

When a round starts, the player will see the word bonus, running from top to bottom. If all the tiles in front of these letters are burned, the bonus game will be triggered. This involved having the player being taken to a separate carnival themed screen, where free spins play out automatically, and major prizes are granted. More free spins may be won as the sequence develops, giving even bigger payouts and more bonus money. Keep in mind that the word bonus may appear on more then one row, and that revealing the word twice or more, on one round, is a jackpot winning situation.

Understanding The Interface

The interface in golden Ticket is simple and user friendly. The current bet may be changed at the bottom, via the numbered blocks. This can only be done between rounds. The auto-play button, at the bottom left, will make the game progress automatically, with no input required from the player. The playtable button, also in the bottom left, will give more detailed information about the winning matches. You may turn the sound on or off via the speaker icon at the bottom right, while the two cogs will open the options menu. You may also switch the view to full screen with the arrows icon, or exit the game via the red cross.

Play On Your Mobile Device

Golden Ticket has been specifically optimised to play on a mobile device, featuring easy, one touch buttons, and bold graphics, suitable for smaller screens. To get this game on your mobile device, simply download it, either from Google Play Store, or Apple iStore. Once it has been downloaded, simply tap the game’s icon in order to start playing. You may play either for free, or for real money. Remember that playing for real money requires an active account, as well as available funds.

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