Club Cal Neva

Club Cal Neva After All These Years

Club Cal Neva is located in downtown Reno, where the casino and hotel takes up an entire city block.   Club Cal Neva first opened its doors on April 2, 1962, and there has been very little development to the property since then, with current reviews and descriptions listing the venue as old, tired and badly in need of refurbishment. At the time of Club Cal Neva’s opening and business launch, there were but four other casinos in the city. These were the Nevada Club, Harold’s Club, the Golden Casino and Harrah’s. Today, only Club Cal Neva and Harrah’s remain. The only time that Club Cal Neva has closed its doors was after the assassination of JFK in 1963.

Then and Now

Club Cal Neva has a long and extensive history in Reno. Originally owned by the gaming bosses of the time, and dutifully associated with all the organised gambling and racketeering. The casino, and hotel, has managed to remain open and trading due to changing owners rather frequently over the years. Of late, the casino has expanded into the sports betting industry as a result of a buy-out association with the UK betting house, William Hill. The sports book facility is now extremely profitable thanks to internet and satellite participation and this has funded the casino and kept the doors open in the brick and mortar facility. Club Cal Neva sold the attached hotel, the Nevadan, and its parking deck in 2015.

The Physical Club Cal Neva

Club Cal Neva, as can be expected from its long lineage, is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Reno, and very close to most of the primary attractions such as the various convention centres and amenities for large events, such as the Reno Events Center and the National Bowling Stadium.

The casino at Club Cal Neva is located on two entire floors of the building. Generally speaking, it includes at least 700 slot machines and table games. Club Cal Neva may not be the fanciest and most classy casino available, but the building has retained a certain atmosphere, and has been endorsed by USA Today.  The upper casino level contains a three-table poker room that hosts daily tournaments. The tournaments are low cost entry and low denomination stakes in a more casual environment where rebuys, add-ons and complementary drinks and food are normal. The primary poker game played is $1 or $2 No Limit Texas Hold’em and fixed limit.

Gambling at Club Cal Neva

For the rest, the casino at Club Cal Neva houses a great many blackjack tables, craps tables, as well as Let it Ride tables, Pai Gow Tables and Three Card Poker tables. Apart from the vast slots selection, there are also many video poker machines, all attracting comps and loyalty benefits. The sports book is noticeably different and technically advanced with all the possible bells and whistles. It is operated by William Hill, a British bookmaker licenced in Nevada with extensive interests in the USA. At Club Cal Neva’s sports book area live in-play wagering can be conducted, and downloading the William Hill Mobile Sports app enables players to place wagers on every pro football game plus most college football and pro basketball games. With various other selected events making up a menu of sports events that can be wagered on at any time, this app works effectively in all of Reno and across most of the state making access truly convenient.

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