13 Themed Homecoming Party Ideas for 2022 (2024)

With summer in the past and school now starting, your first big night out is just around the corner – homecoming. And as part of the homecoming committee, you need to throw a party that sets a positive tone for the rest of the school year. To do that, you’ll need to find a homecoming theme everyone will enjoy. Below, find 13 homecoming party ideas that are sure to make a lasting impression.

How do I make homecoming fun?

Homecoming isn’t a party without snacks, beverages, decorations, and lighting that will set the right mood. To make your homecoming a truly immersive experience everyone can look back on fondly, you’ll need a fun theme. From disco fever to Halloween and “under the sea,” you can transform your ordinary homecoming party into a full-fledged event. Below, find some homecoming party ideas you can try this year.

Top 13 themed homecoming party ideas

Creating a guest list and finding caterers is only the first step in throwing a great homecoming bash. Choosing a unique theme and finding the right decorations can transform your ordinary get-together into a party you and your guests might never forget. These 13 unique homecoming themes can help you find some inspiration.

1. Garden party

Create a beautiful, inviting atmosphere with a garden party homecoming theme. For this theme, you’ll need lots of bright floral arrangements, whether real or fake. To start, dangle bundles of flowers and green vines from the ceiling to create a gorgeous garden sanctuary. Then, add some floating lanterns and twinkling lights to really set the scene. For a more romantic ambiance, use tea candles to create a glowing pathway for all your guests.

2. Disco fever

It only makes sense to have a theme full of glitz, glam, and sparkles on your homecoming night. You can create your own disco fever party theme with metallic decorations such as sparkly streamer curtains, mirrored disco balls, and metallic balloons. Then, to fully take your space back to the ‘70s, you’ll need a disco light that shines in every color of the rainbow.

3. Masquerade

For a more alluring and mysterious party vibe, a masquerade theme is a great option. Encourage your guests to wear masks with their formal attire, or you can give everyone masks as they arrive. Set the scene with gold drapes hanging on your windows and purple and gold balloons and tea candles scattered around the room. Then, add some glitter, large feather arrangements, and a few spotlights to upgrade your party to the next level.

4. Superheroes

Ditch the glammed-up outfits this year and go with a theme no one is likely to forget – a superhero party. To make your theme truly immersive, ask all your guests to come dressed as their favorite superheroes. Then, decorate your space with red, blue, and yellow balloons and a cityscape banner against the wall. Grab some stickers, plates, and cups with superhero sounds (“Bam!” “Wow!”), and your party will truly look like a scene out of a comic book.

5. Casino royale

It’s time to grab your best suits and dresses – you’ll need to dress to the nines for this casino royale homecoming theme. Start by decking out your space in red and gold lights, streamers, and tablecloths. Then, set up stations for card games, slot machines, and poker. When guests arrive, give them a bag of fake coins to use as tokens for betting. You’ll so deeply immerse everyone in casino vibes that it’ll be like a trip to Vegas without the plane.

6. Tropical

You can transform your homecoming venue into a tropical forest filled with bright flowers and tons of greenery. Start by hanging green streamers along the windows, then add balloons, fake leaves, and flowers in every color to create a jungle atmosphere. AFter that, place colorful lights around your space, such as the BlissRadia, to bring the tropics to life.

The BlissRadia diffuses colorful lighting that seamlessly transitions from one color to the next. You can cycle through every color of the rainbow, tapping into nine special color settings that set exactly the right mood. For example, you can set your BlissRadia to the Greensward effect to create a realistic jungle-like ambiance. The bright green hues will take your mind to a tropical vacation you’ll never want to leave.

13 Themed Homecoming Party Ideas for 2022 (1)

13 Themed Homecoming Party Ideas for 2022 (2)

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7. Carnival chic

For a fun, immersive party that can evoke everyone’s childhood years, a carnival chic theme is a great idea. If the weather is good enough for an outdoor homecoming party, find a red and white tent to set the scene for your carnival experience. Or, if you stay indoors, you can hang red and white streamers along the ceiling. Then, decorate your party space with colorful balloons, light-up signs, and fun party games. You can also set up different vendor stations, or a DIY photobooth so everyone can enjoy their favorite carnival treats and be transported right back to their early years.

8. Outer space

For a party that’s out of this world, set your space to mimic the galaxy. Create the perfect starry night scene with dark navy streamers and silver, blue, and purple balloons. Then, to really create the perfect outer space theme, you’ll want to get a good view of the outer galaxy from indoors.

You can easily create the night sky indoors with the Sky Lite Evolve. With this realistic galaxy projector, you can see the entire galaxy, even from inside a crowded party space. You’ll dance the night away under floating nebula clouds and stunning laser stars. And with the BlissHome app, you can instantly change the galaxy’s colors, brightness, and rotation speed. With just a few taps, you’ll transcend into a whole new world.

13 Themed Homecoming Party Ideas for 2022 (3)

13 Themed Homecoming Party Ideas for 2022 (4)

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9. Under the sea

Take your homecoming party deep into the depths of the ocean with this under-the-sea party theme. You can create the ultimate ocean experience with bright blue, white, and metallic streamers, tablecloths, and balloons. Then, add a few aquatic centerpieces such as seashells, starfish, and vases full of soft sand to bring the ocean right to your school dance.

10. Halloween

Instead of opting for the classic homecoming dresses and suits, switch it up this year with a Halloween-themed homecoming dance. For this theme, ask everyone well in advance to wear costumes to homecoming. Then, transform your space into the ultimate spooky atmosphere with fake cobwebs, black streamers, and candle-lit pumpkins. Go the extra mile and add a smoke machine to create a scene that’ll send shivers up your spine.

11. The Great Gatsby

A Gatsby-themed party is the perfect opportunity to put on your favorite sparkly dress or sleek suit and show off your dance moves. To bring the Roaring Twenties back to life, you’ll want to stock up on black and gold streamers and plenty of glitter balloons. Then, add some black linens, gold table settings, and vases filled with fluffy feathers to go right from the 2020s to the 1920s.

12. Candyland

For a homecoming theme that’s sure to cure your sweet tooth, a Candyland party might just be what you need. For this theme, the more colors you use, the better. Hang some streamers and blow up balloons in soft pastel colors such as baby blue, pink, and light purple. Then, to really get everyone’s taste buds soaring, create a make-your-own goodie bag station filled with jars of candy in every flavor. You’ll sweeten the vibe from start to finish.

13. A night in Paris

Travel the globe this homecoming and create a sophisticated soiree with a night in Paris homecoming theme. First, you’ll need a large Eiffel tower as your centerpiece. Then, you can create a romantic ambiance with twinkling lights and tea lights. After that, evoke one of the best parts of Paris: the food. Lay out an arrangement of macaroons and croissants for guests to snack on throughout the night for a realistic Parisian experience.

Create your ideal homecoming party with BlissLights

No matter which homecoming theme you choose, you’ll need proper lighting to take your party to the next level. BlissLights’ galaxy projectors and LED strips are two great examples of lights that can add unique colors and effects to your one-of-a-kind homecoming theme. Browse the BlissLights collection now to see your homecoming theme in a whole new light.

13 Themed Homecoming Party Ideas for 2022 (2024)
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