25 Unique Homecoming Theme Ideas for a Perfect Night (2024)

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25 Unique Homecoming Theme Ideas for a Perfect Night (2)

Hey Amarra Babes! Do you have your dancing shoes on and your stylish dress picked out for your next homecoming dance?

But wait up, have you thought about the homecoming theme that will give the decorations, food, music, and entire feel of the night a special spin?
Need some help? Well, here are some fun and unique homecoming theme ideas you can use if you’re on the homecoming planning committee this year.

A Night Under the Stars

Embrace the magic of the sparkly night sky with a theme that dazzles and shines. Pair twinkly lights and lanterns with cut out stars for a dance as beautiful as the night sky.

Disco Fever

Spin into a good time with a disco theme, complete with disco ball decor, shiny outfits, and 70s inspired music. Embrace your inner hippie and get groovy on the dance floor.

Cowboy Take Me Away

Transform your school gym into the wild west with hay bales, longhorn decorations, and music perfect for swing dancing. Encourage your classmates to bring their cowboy boots and hats for a fun photo booth opportunity.

Carnival Ride

Set up cotton candy machines, games like ring toss, and colorful decor for an evening full of fun and games. You can even turn your DJ booth into a ferris wheel for an added touch!

Dreamlike Disney

Harness the magic of Disney by dressing up your school like your favorite childhood movies and have a storybook inspired homecoming court in the style of Cinderella and Prince Charming.

A Night Sweet as Candy

Make your homecoming dance sugary sweet with a candy theme! Pair pastel colors with make-your-own candy gift bags and a candy heart shaped backdrop for you and your sweetheart to take pictures in front of.

Party the Night Away

Celebrate your school and classmates with a sparkly homecoming party, complete with confetti, glitter, balloons, and even cake. Dazzle your guests with the shiniest decorations and “cheers” with sparkling cider.

Will You Accept This Rose?

Transport your classmates into the popular franchise with a fancy night including a limo arrival, roses, sparkling drinks, and an extra dramatic homecoming court announcement everyone will love.

Happily Ever After

Give your classmates a fairytale start to the school year with castle decorations, dreamy twinkle lights, roses, and more. Incorporate characteristics from your favorite fairytale stories.

Enchanted Garden

Picture walking into a gym full of flowers and imagine placing beautiful flower crowns on your homecoming court’s heads. Feel like fairy woodland creatures in your own enchanted garden.

The Great Gatsby

In true Great Gatsy style, opt for an opulent event full of gold decorations, flapper vibes, and century old tunes that will have you feeling fancy in no time.

Get your 50s groove on

Have a Grease inspired homecoming dance with your own 50s style dance competition, tile floor decorations, and vintage soda to sip.

Casino Night

Light up your gym like the brightest city in the world for a night of flashy fun. Decorate with dice, cards, and gold chocolate coins to hit the jackpot on a perfect night!

Midnight Masquerade

Make homecoming mysterious and unique with a dark and moody vibe where students are encouraged to decorate and wear fun masks.

European Adventure

Travel the world without leaving your school. Create a dream getaway using iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben.

Hollywood Hoco

Find your inner star with a red carpet and announce your homecoming court on Walk of Fame stars on the gym floor!

Fall Festival

Candy apples, pumpkins, and crunchy leaves – oh my! Celebrate the cozy season with a night full of seasonally appropriate festivities.

High School Musical

Make your dance a musical, just like your favorite Disney movie from childhood. Whether your classmates come dressed like a Wildcat or extra fancy like Sharpay Evans, everyone will have a blast bopping to the top with this fun theme!

Homecoming on Ice

Transform your gym into a faux skating rink for an icy night that dazzles like an Olympic figure skating competition! Decorate with snowflakes, white glitter, and other winter wonderland elements.

Vintage Flair

Throw it back with a polaroid photo booth and vintage records for a unique theme everyone will remember.

Bohemian Dreams

Garland, flower crowns, and mason jar lights will make for a boho hoco like no other.

Fierce Football

Show your school spirit with a football themed dance, complete with a special appearance from your mascot!

Rock and Roll

Jam out to the King of Rock and Beatles hits under hung CDs and pose with electric guitars at the photo booth.

Starry Night

Make a splash with colorful painter-inspired decor and DIY momentos to take home in the style of Van Gogh.

A Lūʻau

Hand out leis to your guests and serve tropical drinks while you dance with palm trees in the background. Don’t forget to light the dance floor with tiki torches!

What homecoming themes are you thinking about?

The homecoming themes will make your homecoming one to remember! Also, do remember to follow us onInstagramand share your homecoming pictures with us.

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25 Unique Homecoming Theme Ideas for a Perfect Night (2024)
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