31 Homecoming Theme Ideas: A Full List for a Captivating Night (2024)

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Homecoming Theme Ideas 1: Art Deco Jazz Gala Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 2: A Night in Venice Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 3: A Night in Paris Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 4: Carnival Mystique Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 5: Hollywood Red Carpet Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 6: Superhero Showdown Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 7: '70s Disco Fever Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 8: Time Traveler's Time Warp Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 9: Eco-friendly Variety Show Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 10: Whimsical Enchanted Garden Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 11: Cyberpunk Glow-up Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 12: Whodunit Murder Mystery Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 13: Disney Fever Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 14: A Space Odyssey Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 15: Decompression Daydream Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 16: Neoclassical Ethereal Elegance Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 17: Starry-eyed Fiesta Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 18: Punk Rock Riot Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 19: Steampunk Soiree Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 20: Around-the-world Bonanza Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 21: Tropical Paradise Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 22: A Trip to Asia Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 23: Back-to-basics Ball Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 24: Literary Gala Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 25: Nonstop TikTok Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 26: Winter Wonderland Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 27: Mocktail Night Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 28: Astral Aurora Adventure Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 29: Glowing Gardens Gala Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 30: Merry Martian Jamboree Theming Tips Practical Planning Homecoming Idea 31: Midsummer All-night's Dream Theming Tips Practical Planning Effortless Planning for an Unforgettable Homecoming – Start with Vanco! Prepare for School Events with Free Checklists Related Posts

31 Homecoming Theme Ideas: A Full List for a Captivating Night (1)

Unique and creative homecoming themes drive the best homecoming events. Homecoming is the pulsating heartbeat of tradition thatextends far beyond the rhythmic dance floor — it's a living legacy, a jubilant rendezvous that unites both students and cherished alumni in a symphony of celebration. The alchemy lies in the perfect homecoming theme ideas, transforming these events from mere soirées into spectacles, etched in the annals of memory.

Venture with us as we unfurl the canvas of creativity, presenting 31 high school homecoming themes, each a promise to infuse your event with a distinct allure. Whether your heart craves the timeless grace of a masquerade ball or yearns for the whimsical charm of a tropical luau, the ideal theme awaits, ready to cast its spell and render your night enchanting. Let the odyssey begin as we embark on crafting a homecoming destined for the ages.

Homecoming Theme Ideas 1: Art Deco Jazz Gala

Tried and true. The glamour of the Roaring '20s never goes out of style. Gatsby's world is one of (non-alcoholic) champagne and lively jazz bands where everybody dresses to impress. It's a night of elegance and toe-tapping, making it perfect for homecoming events.

Theming Tips

Here are some trés chic ideas to nail the Art Deco vibe:

  • Hire a live, local jazz band.
  • Consider offering swing dance lessons prior to the homecoming event.
  • Create a playlist of classical jazz tunes.
  • Embrace the speakeasy vibe with a secret password.
  • Think bow ties, feathers and fedoras for the dapper dress code.
  • Consider some electro-swing for a modern twist!

Practical Planning

  • Decorate with sleek geometric patterns and lots of metallic accents.
  • Make DIY invitations with the entry password.
  • A vintage-inspired photo booth will complement the theme with memorable snapshots.

Homecoming Idea 2: A Night in Venice

Picture an evening filled with masks, gondola rides and the enchanting architecture of a historic city. The romantic canals of Venice are a sight everybody should see at least once. Give your students a taste of the world's most romantic city by bringing Venice to them.

Theming Tips

You can't flood the sports hall, so you'll have to get creative:

  • Arrange live music that complements the romance.
  • Embrace rustic Italian cuisine.
  • Host a costume contest for the best Venetian outfits.
  • Consider a gelato bar for those with a sweet tooth.

Practical Planning

  • Decorate the venue with twinkling lights and faux (cardboard) gondolas.
  • Split the layout to mimic different aspects of Venice.
  • Host a mask-making workshop for attendees.
  • A gondola-inspired photo booth makes for great photo ops.

Homecoming Idea 3: A Night in Paris

Bonjour! While we're on the topic of starry-eyed, amorous elegance, an evening of sophisticated Parisian culture comes in a close second. Bring the romance and charm of the City of Lights to life with a homecoming theme that shows off the height of European architecture.

Theming Tips

It's doubtful you can engineer a to-scale model of the Eiffel Tower, so you'll have to make do with:

  • Miniature plastic Eiffel Towers to highlight the theme
  • Macarons, which make perfect canapes
  • Berets, roses and chic striped shirts for the dress code
  • A curated playlist featuring French chansons to set the mood

Practical Planning

  • Soft, warm lighting evokes the fuzzy glow of the streets of Paris.
  • Work with a caterer (or the student body) to create a menu filled with croissants, cheese platters and French pastries.
  • Use backdrops displaying iconic Parisian landmarks for picturesque homecoming photos.

Homecoming Idea 4: Carnival Mystique

Everybody loves carnival! A world of vibrant colors and whimsical games will sell this homecoming theme.

Theming Tips

Host outside and you can consider renting a marquee for the event:

  • Bright colors and playful banners are the name of the game.
  • Encourage attendees to embrace the gonzo mysticism with circus-inspired costumes.
  • Tarot card readers and fortune tellers add to the carnival flair.
  • Implement a ticketing system for activities.

Practical Planning

  • Have students split into groups to organize booths with classical carnival games and activities.
  • Capitalize on students who can perform on stilts or juggle.
  • Outdoor sports fields are great as long as the weather plays ball.
  • Implement adequate safety measures if you're hosting outside.

Homecoming Idea 5: Hollywood Red Carpet

Bring the glitz of the big screen to your homecoming, where everybody's a star. Sure, Hollywood is a classic homecoming theme, but that doesn't mean you can't add your own spin.

Theming Tips

Roll out the red carpet!

  • Host an awards ceremony where attendees can nominate and vote for their peers.
  • Encourage students to dress like their idols.
  • Incorporate the iconic Hollywood sign to sell the theme to skeptics.
  • Now's a great time for a student film showcase!

Practical Planning

  • Set up a VIP lounge area where attendees can feel like A-listers.
  • A red carpet plus some mom-and-pop paparazzi equals a glamorous entrance on a budget.
  • Hire a local photography student to snap candid shots.
  • Black suits and black dresses make easy fallback costumes.

Homecoming Idea 6: Superhero Showdown

Put out an open call for a champion and watch the caped crusaders come pouring in. Encourage students to unleash their inner heroes (or villains) for a night of epic duels and grand proportions.

Theming Tips

Superheroes never seem to go out of style, do they?

  • Use four-color comic book-style decorations to sell the theme.
  • Organize caped costume contests with categories like best hero and most creative outfit.
  • Invite local performers and cosplay enthusiasts to make an appearance.
  • Include interactive activities inspired by superhero powers!

Practical Planning

  • Coordinate with security to keep the event safe, particularly if attendees show up wearing elaborate costumes.
  • Curate a high-energy playlist featuring themes from superhero movies.
  • Set up a DIY heroic photobooth featuring high-flying superheroes.

Homecoming Idea 7: '70s Disco Fever

Groovy boogie and funky beats are the name of the game, and '70s disco fever is the ultimate homecoming theme for those who want to dance the night away under the glittering eye of the disco ball. Everybody's dancing tonight!

Theming Tips

Nobody knew how to party like they did back in the '70s.

  • An authentic '70s disco ball is a must-have.
  • Small disco ball decorations make great table centerpieces.
  • Colorful dance floor lighting gets everybody on the dance floor.
  • Remind your attendees to don bell bottoms and platform shoes.

Practical Planning

  • Provide some light '70s dance instruction to show everybody the right moves.
  • Set up a photo booth with props like wigs and oversized sunglasses.
  • Thrift stores are treasure troves for groovy outfits.

Homecoming Idea 8: Time Traveler's Time Warp

Who wouldn't want to dance through the history books? Every 20 minutes, the DJ pulls a record scratch and jumps forward a decade, taking your homecoming attendees from the glitzy Roaring '20s through to the neon-colored '90s. There'll be something for everyone in an evening like this.

Theming Tips

Cultivate a trip through the ages:

  • Decorate the venue to represent lots of historical periods.
  • Host a historical costume contest.
  • Turn the entrance into a show-stopping time machine prop.
  • Set up multiple era-specific photo booths.

Practical Planning

  • Have the art department create visual timelines on banners and backdrops.
  • Interactive displays representing different periods add an educational experience.
  • Plan the event to flow smoothly between the eras.
  • Collaborate with history clubs to enhance authenticity.

Homecoming Idea 9: Eco-friendly Variety Show

High school homecoming themes don't have to be artsy and elaborate. As more and more students grow aware of the issues facing the climate, why not marry their homecoming with awareness? Picture this: A sports hall adorned with recycled decorations, lots of vibrant greenery — and a positive environmental vibe. It's the best homecoming theme for having a blast while promoting eco-consciousness.

Theming Tips

Upcycling is the theme of the hour, so reuse whatever you can:

  • Show off your creativity with decorations made from recycled materials.
  • Incorporate potted plants and earthy tones.
  • Feature a fashion show with thrifty sustainable outfits.
  • Use energy-efficient lighting to minimize the carbon footprint.

Practical Planning

  • Implement eco-friendly practices where everybody can get involved (such as recycling stations).
  • Source everything locally.
  • Set up information booths about local conservation efforts.
  • Encourage local environmental clubs to get involved.

Homecoming Idea 10: Whimsical Enchanted Garden

If "out of this world" homecoming theme ideas are your jam, then why not go all in, transforming your venue into a magical realm of twinkling lights, floral archways and fairytale bliss? Bonus points if you can host under the stars.

Theming Tips

Here are some budget-conscious ways you can bring the idea to life:

  • Simple strings of fairy lights get you halfway to a magical ambiance.
  • Enchanting flower arrangements around your entrance set the stage for the magic to unfold.
  • A handful of cozy garden nooks are perfect for intimate conversations and photos.

Practical Planning

  • Choose an outdoor venue or an indoor space with large windows.
  • Enhance the evening with live entertainment from acoustic musicians and fairy-tale storytellers.
  • Have a backup if you're outdoors and the weather doesn't hold.
  • Check local regulations regarding outdoor elements (like candles).
  • Coordinate with a local garden center for proper plant care.

Homecoming Idea 11: Cyberpunk Glow-up

You need a high school homecoming theme for a bunch of maturing adolescents — and a glow-up often refers to the substantial transformations of puberty. So why not celebrate your attendees' budding adulthood with a futuristic, neon-infused cyberpunk vibe that's as edgy as it is energetic?

Theming Tips

Focus on the lighting and ambiance. Have the costumes do the rest:

  • Neon lights and LED strips create a daring futuristic glow.
  • Use tech-inspired decor elements with metallic accents and LED installations.
  • Embrace neo-street art vibes with graffiti murals to add an edgy cyberpunk feel.

Practical Planning

  • Cyberpunk fashion blends urban streetwear with futurism. Encourage your attendees to indulge!
  • Have a dedicated tech support team in place to fix technical glitches.
  • Glowsticks are cheap and your students will love them.

Homecoming Idea 12: Whodunit Murder Mystery

Looking to buck homecoming trends? Picture the venue transformed into a mysterious crime scene straight out of an Agatha Christie novel. Who doesn't love a good mystery?

You'll need a lot of additional prep work if you want to pull off a student-acted murder mystery, and a murder mystery only really works if your list of attendees isn't too long.

Theming Tips

There are secrets afoot, so let's set the scene:

  • Caution tape and chalk outlines set the grim mood.
  • Use dim, dramatic lighting to create suspense.
  • Magnifying glasses and vintage detective novels make great table centerpieces.
  • Encourage attendees to dress as characters from classic mysteries.

Practical Planning

  • Scatter clues and evidence throughout the venue.
  • Consider hiring local actors to play key roles, guiding the mystery narrative.
  • Assign roles to specific tables and groups to encourage collaboration.
  • Offer prizes for groups who solve the mystery.

Homecoming Idea 13: Disney Fever

Something about the Disney universe resonates with just about anybody. Channel your inner Disney magic (if you can convince staff to dress up as classic Disney characters), because who wouldn't want to share a dance with Cinderella or Prince Charming?

Theming Tips

The magic is about to begin! Let the enchantment unfold:

  • Create a grand entrance with a fairytale castle backdrop.
  • Cardboard cutouts of popular Disney characters are inexpensive natural photo ops.
  • Use Disney-themed table centerpieces incorporating Mickey Mouse ears, enchanted roses and poisoned apples.
  • Encourage attendees to dress as their Disney heroes and turn the dance floor into a magical parade!

Practical Planning

  • Create a playlist featuring Disney classics and modern hits.
  • Arrange for costumed performers to mingle with the guests.
  • Use colorful lighting to mimic the magic of a Disney park.

Homecoming Idea 14: A Space Odyssey

Sure, 2001 came and went. The year, that is — not the movie. And with tech buzzwords like AI and AGI (artificial general intelligence) on the tips of tongues everywhere, why not transform your venue into a celestial haven? To really capture the mood, focus on the "otherworldly" ambiance rather than the neo-futurism of other homecoming themes.

Theming Tips

A cosmic adventure beyond the stars needs a lot of prep work:

  • Adorn the ceiling with starry projections.
  • Cold, metallic decor gives the venue an intergalactic feel.
  • Arrange centerpieces that feature astronaut helmets and rocket ships.

Practical Planning

  • Carry the homecoming theme from the get-go with space-themed invitations.
  • Invite attendees to learn about the constellations with educational flyers.
  • A DIY planetarium will wow audiences without breaking the bank.
  • Hire a DJ dressed to impress in a spacesuit or other space-themed attire.

Homecoming Idea 15: Decompression Daydream

A DIY Zen Garden to relax in, a relaxation station for stressed students, safe spaces to share feelings and worries before students have their heads buried in books and academia...whoever said homecoming events have to be stressful?

The world our kids are growing up in comes with enough to fret and worry about — and the school year ahead isn't something to shake a stick at. So, why not turn homecoming into a smooth transition?

Theming Tips

Get ready to rejuvenate and relax. Make your venue a soothing sanctuary:

  • Calming pastel colors create a serene atmosphere.
  • Set up cozy lounge areas with pillows and plush seating.
  • Natural elements like potted plants bring the outdoors inside.
  • Enhance the mood with soft candlelight.

Practical Planning

  • Incorporate aromatherapy stations and meditation corners.
  • Curate a mellow playlist to provide a relaxing musical backdrop.
  • Offer a menu with healthy, refreshing options.
  • Consider a guided meditation session to include mindfulness activities.

Homecoming Idea 16: Neoclassical Ethereal Elegance

The elegance of the Greco-Roman periods doesn't have to stay confined to the history books. Instead, bring the grandeur of ancient civilizations to life. Complete with columns and draped fabrics, the neoclassical era is one of the best homecoming themes for history buffs.

Theming Tips

Re-create the opulence and classical splendor of ancient Rome and Greece at a fraction of the cost:

  • Use decorative Ionic columns for instant brand recognition.
  • Include flowing fabrics in rich colors to evoke the Greco-Roman spirit.
  • Gold accents and white tablecloths add a splash of luxury.
  • Statues, busts and Grecian urns enhance the neoclassical feel.

Practical Planning

  • Encourage attendees to embrace the theme with classical costumes.
  • Pamphlets about the ancients add depth and education to the affair.
  • Set up a photo area with neoclassical-inspired backdrops.

Homecoming Idea 17: Starry-eyed Fiesta

Still hungry for homecoming themes? Imagine a setting bathed in the soft glow of twinkling stars, but with a Mexican twist. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by the beauty of a starry night mixed with the fun of Picado banners?

Theming Tips

Here's how you turn the night sky into a dance floor:

  • Drape the ceiling with sheer fabric and string lights to mimic the stars.
  • Incorporate celestial patterns on tablecloths and banners.
  • Design celestial centerpieces with moons and planets.
  • Use glow-in-the-dark paint to add spicey accents.
  • Don't forget the piñatas and Mexican cuisine!

Practical Planning

  • Host salsa dancing classes before the event.
  • Work with a lighting professional to achieve the right balance.
  • Have a backup plan if part of the event is outdoors.
  • Ask attendees to bring their own Mexican-inspired dishes to make light work of the catering.

Homecoming Idea 18: Punk Rock Riot

Get ready to rock the night away and transform your sports hall into a rebellious haven! Blend edgy decor with punk fashion and a high-energy soundtrack and you'll have everybody on their feet. You get extra credit if you can convince some student rock bands to perform live.

Theming Tips

How do you turn your venue into a punk rocker's paradise? Like this:

  • Collaborate with student art bodies to create a graffiti wall backdrop.
  • Adorn the venue with posters of iconic punk rock bands.
  • Encourage student rock bands to perform.
  • Host an air guitar contest.

Practical Planning

  • Set up a DIY punk-out booth with cheap accessories like studded bracelets and temporary tattoos.
  • Unconventional elements like leather jackets and vinyl records enhance the theme.
  • Embrace concert-style lighting with bold colors, strobe lights and smoke machines.

Homecoming Idea 19: Steampunk Soiree

For those scratching their heads right now, the Steampunk genre refers to a collection of retro-future fantasy ideas that adores the aesthetics of 19th-century industrialization: Valves and pipes. Nuts and bolts. Airships and — you guessed it — a lot of steam and anachronisms. Students can use just about anything they can find in the garage to pull together their outfits: nuts, bolts, caps and old wrenches. Add a little gold paint and stir.

Theming Tips

Steam-powered splendor? Yes, please!

  • Vintage machinery and brass accents highlight the Victorian aesthetic.
  • Top hats, goggles and corsets are the height of steampunk fashion.
  • Use Edison bulb lighting to create an atmosphere that evokes the Industrial Revolution.

Practical Planning

  • Collaborate with caterers to design Victorian-inspired dishes.
  • Set up a photo booth with steampunk props to capture the theme's essence.
  • Ensure any special effects adhere to safety standards.

Homecoming Idea 20: Around-the-world Bonanza

The world has become a cultural melting pot. So, why not celebrate the rich tapestry of diversity with this colorful and creative homecoming theme? International decor and food stations galore contribute to an inspired, lively atmosphere.

Theming Tips

A journey to the four corners of the globe starts like this:

  • Decorate with flags and banners representing the nations of the world.
  • Work with the art department to design a centerpiece inspired by multiculturalism.
  • Set up a photo wall with a world map backdrop.
  • Incorporate diverse food stations offering international street foods.

Practical Planning

  • Passport-themed invitations set the mood early.
  • Plan seating arrangements to encourage mixing and mingling.
  • Partner with school cultural clubs to ensure authenticity and sensitivity.

Homecoming Idea 21: Tropical Paradise

Who wouldn't want to escape to a tropical haven, even if it's just for one night? Sun-soaked homecoming themes fuse a lush oasis with vibrant florals and soothing tropical beats.

Theming Tips

You don't need a truckload of sand to turn the venue into a beachside retreat.

  • Create the beach without the sand with decorative palm trees.
  • Set up a tiki bar with refreshing nonalcoholic drinks.
  • Provide grass skirts and floral leis to attendees.
  • Toss a few inflatable beach balls into the mix for some added fun.

Practical Planning

  • Remember to check the weather if part of the event is outdoors.
  • Include a station with frozen treats to keep everybody cool.
  • Use warm, sunset-inspired lighting.
  • Designate specific areas for photo ops with tropical accents for those looking to take a break from the dance floor.

Homecoming Idea 22: A Trip to Asia

Celebrate the diverse cultures of the Asian continent by planning a homecoming that takes a trip to Asia.

Theming Tips

Bringing the charm of Asia to your homecoming is easy:

  • Get groups of students to model iconic landmarks from Asian countries.
  • Reach for the reds, golds and greens.
  • Design a menu that showcases all manner of Asian cuisines.

Practical Planning

  • Make sure all thematic elements are respectful.
  • Include signage and invitations in multiple languages to create an inclusive environment.
  • Consider inviting guest speakers to provide insights into traditions.

Homecoming Idea 23: Back-to-basics Ball

The first homecoming ever took place in 1911 and its focus was the high school football game. Why not go back to the very first homecoming theme? Celebrate the camaraderie that defines American football culture — and celebrate American culture at the same time.

Theming Tips

Bringing the football fever is simple with a few light touches:

  • Host the event on the school's football field.
  • Create entrance archways representing football goalposts.
  • Incorporate the school's team colors and logo and/or mascot.
  • Design seating areas reminiscent of a football locker room.

Practical Planning

  • Coordinate with the school's athletics department to ensure integration with the sports culture.
  • Plan a halftime performance, like a marching band or dance team.
  • Don't forget to provide all-American food stands!

Homecoming Idea 24: Literary Gala

Searching for more education-based homecoming theme ideas? We've got your back. With nods to classic literature, with iconic book covers and authors adorning the walls, celebrate the magic of storytelling, literary study and the written word.

Theming Tips

A book lover's paradise isn't just for the librarians:

  • Use stacks of books to create archways around entrances.
  • Add literary charm with enlarged reproductions of classic book covers.
  • Set up cozy reading nooks with plush seating.
  • Consider a poetry slam to put the spotlight on the next generation.
  • Include a guest book with quill and ink.

Practical Planning

  • Work with the English department to gather resources and volunteers.
  • Create a menu (or invitations) inspired by literary classics.
  • Invite a local author to add an intellectual element.

Homecoming Idea 25: Nonstop TikTok

Online culture defines today's generation. TikTok and other social media are already transforming youth culture. Base your high school homecoming themes around them and you'll go viral in no time.

Theming Tips

Here's how to turn your event into a social media sensation:

  • Incorporate oversized hashtags or trending phrases as decorative elements.
  • Encourage students to create TikTok and Snapchat videos about the event.
  • Set up digital screens displaying a live feed of social media posts.
  • Designate selfie stations with themed backdrops inspired by popular trends.

Practical Planning

  • To go the extra mile, develop an event app that lets attendees participate in challenges.
  • Partner with local social media influencers to create pre-event buzz.
  • Provide charging stations for attendees to keep their devices powered!

Homecoming Idea 26: Winter Wonderland

Frosty, mystical and charismatic: that's what we think of when we're picturing a winter wonderland. Imagine your venue transformed into a snow-covered landscape that brings the magic of winter to life. It's a scene straight out of a snowy fairy-tale, with none of the frostbite and all of the chill.

Theming Tips

To create a snowy spectacle for your homecoming event:

  • Faux snow and icicle decor welcomes attendees to a magical ball.
  • Incorporate photo-worthy backdrops with intricate snowflake patterns.
  • A cool, blue-hue color palette enhances the wintry atmosphere.
  • Integrate faux fur for seat covers.

Practical Planning

  • Ensure the temperature stays comfortable in spite of the theme.
  • Hot chocolate and cinnamon spice warm the soul from within.
  • Coordinate with maintenance (or the in-house janitor) to ensure artificial snow isn't a headache to clean up.

Homecoming Idea 27: Mocktail Night

Ditch the spirits and embrace the spirit of fun with a "Mocktail Night" homecoming theme!

Bonus tip: This is a great theme if you want to explore the virtues of abstaining from alcohol.

Theming Tips

Shake up the night with fun refreshments!

  • Set up a central mocktail bar with a variety of ingredients and garnishes.
  • Design centerpieces featuring fresh fruit and playful colors.
  • Opt for a variety of unique glassware to serve the mocktails.
  • Consider whether to include alcohol-abstention materials or speeches (tastefully!).

Practical Planning

  • Ensure the mocktail menu includes allergy-friendly options.
  • Set up hydration stations with infused water and ice.
  • Engage attendees by hosting a mocktail naming contest.

Homecoming Idea 28: Astral Aurora Adventure

The mesmerizing hues of the northern lights are this homecoming's ace in the hole. Transform your venue into an ethereal wonderland and encourage your students to learn about the stars.

Theming Tips

A celestial spectacle demands a special touch:

  • Illuminate your venue with lighting that mimics the aurora borealis.
  • Install galactic backdrops featuring images of distant galaxies.
  • Metallic star confetti and hanging moon shapes bring the astral theme home.

Practical Planning

  • Host a stargazing session in the middle of the night.
  • Curate a psychedelic space-themed playlist to accompany the night.
  • Set up an interactive area with telescopes and constellation guides.

Homecoming Idea 29: Glowing Gardens Gala

An extraterrestrial oasis of glowing lights and curious fauna? Bring the sci-fi magic of the big screen to your homecoming event. It's perfect to invoke the senses and awaken the imagination — and you can bet it will create a night to remember.

Theming Tips

An alien-inspired paradise needn't burn through your budget.

  • Bioluminescent plants create a surreal atmosphere.
  • Line pathways with glow-in-the-dark materials and LED strips.
  • Suspend glowing orbs throughout the venue to mimic mysterious alien life forms.

Practical Planning

  • Work with your local garden center to properly care for plants.
  • Consider handing out wind-up torches in case the lights go out.
  • Curate a playlist featuring ambient and space-themed music.

Homecoming Idea 30: Merry Martian Jamboree

Transform your venue into the rich, red landscape of the Martian surface. Replete with little green men and the retro trappings of a '60s sci-fi movie, this vintage homecoming theme is a great escape from the seriousness of the modern world.

Theming Tips

To turn your alien tundra into a reality:

  • Scatter inflatable aliens throughout the venue.
  • Include green glow-in-the-dark elements.
  • Design a grand entrance resembling a vintage sci-fi spaceship.

Practical Planning

  • Set up an alien-themed photo booth with Martian props and alien masks.
  • Collaborate with caterers to provide "alien-inspired" treats.
  • Include interactive games inspired by space exploration.

Homecoming Idea 31: Midsummer All-night's Dream

Transport your homecoming to the realm of Shakespearean whimsy! It's a perfect twist to get your students thinking about literature — you can sneak in a little education to round off the evening. No Romeo and Juliet-style tragedies, though, please.

Theming Tips

To weave a Shakespearean evening:

  • Drape the venue in sheer, gossamer fabric to create a soft ambiance.
  • Install backdrops depicting a starry night sky.
  • Encourage attendees to dress up as Shakespearean characters.
  • Have student groups act out iconic scenes on stage.

Practical Planning

  • Write invitations in classical English.
  • Opt for comfortable seating to create an easygoing evening.
  • Hand out lists of traditional phrases and terms to help attendees talk with a Shakespearean twist.

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