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Early Childhood

Born in Italy on May 18, 1984, I came to America at the age of two. I am the eldest of three—having two younger sisters who were born here—and have lived most of my life in the State of New Jersey.

My childhood was that of the typical Italian-American upbringing: Catholicism, Sunday dinners, and big get-togethers on holidays. My parents were very young when they had us, but did their best—I couldn’t imagine raising three children in my mid-20s.

While in school, I focused more on making friends and getting them to laugh, rather than getting good grades. I essentially was the class clown. Because of this, I spent most of my years as an average student, but was always inquiring about the nature of reality and other deeper questions.

Teenage Marine

After I saw the 9/11 attacks live on television, I felt this urge to go do something about it. I found a Marine Corps recruiter and signed up for the Marine Corps Delayed Entry Program at 17 years old. Four days after my high school graduation, I went straight to boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina. I endured three months of hell, but graduated as a United States Marine.

After returning from leave, I underwent specialized training: first, Marine Combat Training, and then Engineer School. I graduated at the top of my class as a Combat Engineer. My first post was with 8thEngineer Support Battalion at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

During my service, I was deployed twice to Iraq: Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, and Operation Enduring Freedom in 2004. My unit supported Marine Corps infantry on the front lines. This led to me witness the devastating power of our well-organized war machine. Such experiences will never fade from my memory.

I was honorably discharged as a corporal after four years of service. As I left the gates of Camp Lejeune, I flipped the bird at my rearview mirror and shouted at the top of lungs with joy. I was finally free from my bondage, and nothing felt better.

Coming Back Home

However, my return to civilian life would prove to be difficult. Within months of being home, I began to experience symptoms of post-­traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This affected my personal relationships and several other facets of my life. It also manifested into a loss of interest in all matters, which led to a deep depression, and a lack of focus and discipline.

My PTSD led me to drop out of college twice, despite having a 3.83 GPA and getting accepted to Rutgers University. Things only became worse after learning that the entire war and my service were based on lies. I was also unable to maintain a job for any meaningful amount of time. This led me to escape that reality by living a pleasure-seeking, hedonistic lifestyle: chasing women at the clubs, doing party drugs, and engaging in self-destructive behavior.

NLP and Life Coaching

Trying to find out how to fix what was wrong with me, I stumbled upon neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). I found the subject interesting and decided to become an NLP practitioner. After two years of study, I graduated from the Center for Positive Change and Hypnosis in New York. NLP helped me greatly with my personal challenges, and so I wanted to help others with theirs. I started a life-coaching business, and helped a few clients, but it didn’t last long, thanks to my PTSD.

Political “Career”

I was very angry and resentful at this time. I really hated how corrupt the system was, and it drove me into politics. Becoming an anti-war activist, I spent many years exposing the corrupt traitors in our government. I built a large following on social media as a controversial figure known for my uncensored, politically incorrect rants. This made me some very powerful enemies. But after years activism, I only made a small dent in the narrative, and the stress and anxiety trying to “wake” everyone up, only made my PTSD worse.

Coming Full Circle

Still trying to heal myself, I stumbled upon the works of Marcus Aurelius, Alan Watts, and Lao Tzu. Their teachings led me down a spiritual path that changed my life. The combination of NLP, reading their work, and practicing meditation, led me to have a spiritual epiphany. This caused me to abandon my belief system, and transcend identity politics completely. I decided to quit politics, change my legal name, and get back what I originally wanted to do: life coaching.

However, due to the Ukraine-Russia war, I was concerned for the future of humanity, and was unable to resist staying completely away from commenting on the war. Needless to say, one of my videos rants went viral, and I got sucked right back into political commentary. But this time it’s different: instead of trying to be in politics, I discuss politics from a philosophical standpoint.

So here I am coming back full circle: writing books and creating self-help content, but aiming toward educating and helping people escape the enemy’s matrix—living my life’s true purpose.

About Me – lucasgage.com (2024)
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