Alight Payment Services (2024)

Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024
Alight Payment Services (11)

Simplified payment processing and single currency settlement, globally

Paying a global workforce can be a complex process with multiple bank accounts, currencies and reporting requirements. We offer organizations a simplified payments and treasury service that streamlines payroll processes, controls costs and reduces the administrative burden of global bank transaction management.

Alight Payment Services (12)


average annual saving of the total net payroll amount*


Administrative hours saved on average annually*

Alight Payment Services (13)

Single currency settlement

Remove the need to maintain in-country bank accounts. We provide payment processing in 140+ currencies allowing you to make a single currency deposit while we take care of the rest.

Alight Payment Services (14)

Simplified global payment processing

Settlements are covered for multi-country employee deposits and third-party payments including employee benefit providers, tax and regulatory agencies.

Alight Payment Services (15)

Innovative technology

We can seamlessly integrate with your payroll and ERP systems for end-to-end processing, settlement, and real-time reporting.

How we help

Efficiency activated

With reporting and bank reconciliation taken care of you can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on admin.

Costs reduced

Remove costly transaction and bank account maintenance fees while leveraging competitive rates on FX with full transparency and no hidden fees.

Accuracy improved

Improve payment accuracy through automated employee bank data verification, enabling accurate, compliant and secure payment delivery.

Customer story

Alight Payment Services (16)

Alight Payment Services Case Study

This global commodity company was using local banks to manage payroll payments to their employees which were unreliable, expensive and operationally burdensome. On top of this, the banks were also unable to pay in certain currencies meaning employees were having to do their own currency conversions at their own expense. Learn how Payment Services helped this organisation to pay in a wider range of currencies, reduce payment charges by 50% and cut payment timelines by 80%.

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Alight Payment Services (17)

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*Average annual savings and administrative hours saved are estimates based on modelling and is not a guarantee of savings; actual savings may vary based on Client’s environment and population distribution.

Alight Payment Services (2024)
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