Destroy The Godmodder: War of a Thousand Universes (CHAPTER 5 - TRIAL PSI) (Always accepting new players) RP (2024)

The War of a Thousand Universes isn't localized to just the place where Aspera is battling. Across a thousand worlds, maybe more, people continue living, often fighting for their future in places entirely alien to them with (and against) people they may never get to know well. Some places, like Tokyo City of the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, continue (mostly) unaffected by the war Aspera wages. Others live under the iron fist of Oryx, or one of the other smaller powers who seek to claim their share of the territory. A majority are somewhere in Aspera's territory, of course. But all of them have been affected by the collision of their worlds in one way or another.

Why don't we look in on a few of them?

When the thousand universes collided, Aspera was quick to assemble an army and lead them to conquer most of the major areas. Some areas held out for a while, and the war continues in many places still, but almost all of the holdouts were crushed before the first Adventurers appeared, or were currently at war with Aspera.

The Demon Prince Manuel, however, managed to pull off something unexpected. He managed to simultaneously claim a sizable chunk of territory and fly under the Godmodder's radar. From his secluded corner of the thousand universes, he now wages war for a steadily growing territory of his own.

His thoughts are interrupted when his loyal lieutenant, Roshan, enters the room. He bows as Manuel stands and approaches.

"The armies of the Dinaurians make their approach, milord," Roshan informs Manuel. "What would you have us do?"

Manuel laughs. His laugh is high-pitched and grating - as expected for the Demon Prince. "You shall meet them and you shall annihilate them. If you have insufficient forces, you will ask Veruca for assistance."

Roshan nods, and rises to his feet. "Your wisdom is deep as ever, Demon Prince Manuel. I shall make haste to the border."

Manuel sits down and grins to himself. With Roshan and Veruca fighting the Dinaurians on one front, and Caillou fighting the Irken on the other, his empire continues expanding. And the best part? With Aspera's efforts focused on the Adventurers and Oryx, he's able to carve out his territory entirely unopposed by the Godmodder's vicious forces. Of course, it isn't a surprise to him that he's going unnoticed.

After all, he's only three.

Ezekiel doesn't like to think about the grand scheme of things.

Sure, it can be reassuring to know that your actions aren't as impactful as you think they are. To know that you don't have a billion eyes judging your every move, there's nothing more freeing. And you can still be nice to people around you, knowing that. That, at least, is an impact you can see. But thinking about the grand scheme of things just reminds Ezekiel that he is a small fish.

Ezekiel doesn't like being a small fish.

Nevertheless, he continues down the corridor of the Planning Room, which has gotten much larger in the short time it has resided here.

According to the water cooler gossip, the Planning Room has been getting bigger because it's drunk on destiny. Whatever that means. According to the coordinators, when Niyr departed for parts unknown, he was cut off from his destiny, and all the power that would have gone into steering Niyr went into it instead. So it departed on the chains of destiny and landed here, where it makes plans to this day. And Ezekiel, as one of the many paper pushers in the Planning Room, is now working a lot of overtime.

He doesn't mind all the extra work, of course. He works at the Planning Room all day anyways. But it makes him worry a little. After all, with the Planning Room's growth, it's become a central point of tactics and organization for Aspera's forces. A strike at the Planning Room, and half of Aspera's army crumbles overnight.

The good news is that the Planning Room is impossible to reach. It sits in an inhospitable swamp, surrounded by toxic air and even more toxic bogs. Nothing short of an Adventurer could break through, and even that would take a lot of time. Besides, all of the Adventurers are trapped in the Uberdungeon with Aspera. Ezekiel whistles to himself as he continues passing along papers to the coordinators, his mind successfully off the grand scheme of things and his fears assuaged.

Up until he hears a crash outside.

He's not the first one to rush to one of the windows. Several of the other paper pushers and even a few coordinators try to find the source of the noise. It becomes immediately apparent, of course. A skyscraper is visible in the bog, in a place where there was definitely not a skyscraper before. Ezekiel's heart quickens as he takes it in. How did that skyscraper get here? Was it just... dropped here?

His heart skips a beat when an upset-looking slime emerges from the building and does not immediately die. Ezekiel realizes, immediately, how this is possible. The slime is an Adventurer.

The last thing he hears before he passes out from the shock is the klaxon sound of the Planning Room's alarms.

It's good to be Jon Arbuckle.

For a while, it hadn't been. He had been stuck trapped in a rut and suffered constant abuse from his pet cat. He can't even remember the cat's name anymore. He had been freed from it - although that happened a bit later in the story.

Exactly five months ago, on the first of April, Jon was struck by chaos magic. He gained the ability to cross universes. And when he did, he found other Jons in the exact same situations. He realized that he had the power to bring all of himself together and walk away from it all. Jon after Jon joined his army, until he numbered in the thousands - and perhaps even the millions.

So now, he and his army of Jons rampage through worlds that aren't theirs. Every last one of them used to dream about being the big guy, running the show, setting the stage, calling the shots. Now they do exactly that. And Jon himself? He's a step higher than even his grandiose other selves. He is designated Jon Prime. The leader among leaders.

Yes, it's good to be Jon Arbuckle.

As they approach a city surrounded by gravel, the army of Jons starts to make a racket. They're excited to continue their rampage in yet another place. At the same time, Jon Prime is content, sure, but he's also itching a little bit for a challenge. Since that business down in Knavecastle, he hasn't felt that rush that comes from being in a slightly risky situation. There have simply been no risks. Who can stand up to an army of a million Jon Arbuckles?

That, of course, is a question that doesn't go unanswered for long.

The advancement of the army of Jon Prime is interrupted by the ground rumbling beneath his feet. His army clusters in a safe position as a bug rises from the ground... followed by another, then another, then a couple billion more! They pour out of the ground, making a massive wall around the Jons.

Jon Prime realizes he recognizes them. They're S*lverfish, from the hit game M*necraft. Billions of them.

A grin creeps across his face as he sounds the call for battle. An advantage in numbers is something he's not yet had to tangle with. This, he thinks, is going to be a real challenge.

As he charges into battle, he's certain of only one thing.

It's good to be Jon Arbuckle.

The news spreads through the town like wildfire. Rumors fly hotter than a Sunday evening community barbecue. Speculation abounds, naturally. It's the only reasonable response to such a phenomenon. It's also only reasonable that most of the speculation makes no sense. At least not to Thomias.

I mean, really. Saying a "wizard" did it is at least plausible enough in the new world, but for a "green-shirted hippie with phenomenal cosmic power" to bring it about? Thomias knows a couple of hippies, and he also knows that all of their talk about auras or whatever is bunk. People criticize him, of course, for being so skeptical. This is the new world, after all, and the self-proclaimed "Godmodder" that passed through earlier had been outlandish enough. Why is he dismissing the cosmic hippie so quickly?

Thomias sighs as he walks down the road. He's certain someone is watching him. It annoys him to no end. He knows what they think of him. They don't need to make it obvious by staring.

Despite the "Godmodder" that had ravaged their town, most of the townspeople are taking a liking to the new world. Thomias is not. He's not pleased with the mysterious new powers people have acquired, either. He can't make heads or tails of how they acquire them. No doubt runoff from some nearby place in the new world.

He continues down the road, in spite of that. The news needs to be delivered to someone important, and despite everything, the old man still trusts him the most out of anyone in the town. He worked in the library his whole life, after all. That may be why he can't stand the new world.

- - -

The house is on the very outskirts of the city. It's an old house, probably somewhere out of the fifties or even earlier. These days, the others would call it "symbolism." Thomias calls it what it is: an old man living in an old house. Nothing unusual about that. That's just how it is.

The old man hasn't come out since the attack on the library. The "Godmodder" tore through the town when he came, an army in tow behind him. For the most part, he didn't hurt anyone, but when he got to the library, he fought hard against anyone who tried to keep him away from the books. Multiple of the librarians died. The old man was lucky to escape with a broken leg. Thomias didn't fight it. He ran away. It wasn't something he'd ever forgive himself for. He only hopes that the news will make up for it.

He knocks, once, then twice. "Come in," comes the old man's voice from the other side.

Thomias steps into the house. The lights are off. The old man probably doesn't feel like turning them on right now. Thomias can't help but sympathize with that. As for the old man himself, he's sitting in a wheelchair at the foot of the stairs. Thomias can't help but think he hasn't moved from that spot in at least a few days.

"Thomias," the old man remarks.

"Jeremiah," Thomias answers.

"What brings you here today?" the old man asks. "Has some other tragedy befallen my people?"

"N-no," Thomias stutters. He can feel the old man's withering stare focused on him as he struggles to deliver the news. "It-it's good news, actually. The others wanted you to see it."

"Is that a fact?" the old man muses. "Where?"

"N-not far," Thomias continues. "Just... just down at the library." The old man does not respond. He simply looks away. Thomias knows he doesn't want to go back. "...Please, sir. Something new happened there. They all wanted you to come back and see it. It's all anyone's talking about, even."

The old man huffs. "All of them? Did you get a vote from the ones you buried in the church yard?"

Thomias feels like he's about to cry. "Come on, now, Jeremiah, that's not fair -"

"Yeah, well, there's been a lot of that going around lately," replies the old man. His voice is hard, but not loud. Not sharp. It cuts into Thomias anyways.

The tears drip slowly onto the wood floor.

"...I wanted you to come back and see it," he confesses. It's not an easy thing to confess. The old man turns to look back at him. He continues. "They... they thought you wouldn't want to see it. But I wanted to see you again. I wanted to show it to you. I wanted to do one good thing in my life, to pay back a small portion of all the rotten things I've done and said. I... I-"

The old man presses a finger to Thomias's lips. It is gentle, and warm. "Alright," says the old man. "If it will make you feel better, I'll go and see it. But only if you push me there."

Thomias stops crying.

- - -

The path back to the library is hilly. It's all that Thomias can think about. The extra effort he has to put in to get the old man and his wheelchair back to where they belong. He loved that library, Thomias says to himself. I hope this is worth the extra effort.

The conversation about the "news" continues all around them. Thomias only hears bits and pieces, but at this point it's all just speculative chatter. No actual talk about the event itself.

Thomias barely manages to stifle a chuckle. Maybe it was a space hippie. Stranger things happened even in the old world.

His heart beats a little faster as they crest the final hill. The library comes into view... or at least, the charred husk that stands where it used to be. The sight of the building on fire briefly flashes through his mind. He puts it away.

That's in the past. For now, you need to focus on what comes next.

As the two of them approach, one of the librarians runs up to them, carefully slowing down when Thomias stares at her. She carefully walks the rest of the way over before putting her free hand on the old man's shoulder.

"You need to be more careful with that sling!" Thomias chastises her.

She laughs in response. "Thomias, I promise I'll be okay." She pauses, and turns to him apologetically. "But you're right. I'll be more careful."

The old man smiles at her as she continues into the library. "It's good to know the others are faring better than I," he says to Thomias.

"They miss you," Thomias replies. "...And, they didn't want you to miss this." As Thomias leads the old man into the library, the old man's eyes go wide.

The entire library was destroyed by the fire. Every book lost, every bookcase reduced to ash. After that, the library was mostly left alone, only occasionally visited by hopeful librarians looking for something they'd missed. It wasn't long before even that stopped. Years of work and effort, along with more than a half-dozen lives, were scattered to ashes in minutes.

And yet... Despite all of that, a single bookcase stands in the center of the empty library, a ray of sunlight from a hole in the ceiling perfectly shining on it. And in that bookcase, although there aren't many, there are books. And not small ones, either - massive tomes, brimming with information.

And as the old man sits there, staring, another one appears, glowing with magic.

The old man cries, but the tears are not sad ones. They are joyful ones. Hopeful ones. The bookcase is not a library, but it is the beginning of one.

Thomias breaks the silence. "...Was it worth it?"

The old man smiles. "It's... the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Thomias finally smiles as well as he looks at the new book.

Maybe, he thinks to himself, the new world isn't so bad after all.

In a place not far from where the Adventurers have been, but very far from where they are now, a group of Robloxians stands on a beach. These Robloxians are not Boatmakers, although you wouldn't be faulted for thinking they were. The one at the head of the procession is carrying a candle with a picture of Silas leaning on it.

Robloxian: Fellow Robloxians, we are gathered here today to bid farewell to the last of the Boatmakers, Silas.
Robloxian: After a day on the high seas, we have unfortunately confirmed he has died.
Robloxian: Today, we place this candle on the ocean. It is based on the blueprints for Boatmaker funeral candles.
Robloxian: We were only able to make the one with the resources we had. We hope it's enough for you.

The Robloxian sets the candle into the water, and it floats across the ocean. He then turns to address his fellows. His expression is hard, but determined.

Robloxian: We will not allow Silas's death to be for naught.
Robloxian: We are finally spurred to action. We will now stand against Aspera in full force.
Robloxian: Sword Fighters, Tycoonists, Role-Players, Whales, and many others.
Robloxian: We are all, for the first time, united under a single banner.
Robloxian: In memory of the Boatmakers... we will fight.
Robloxian: OORAH!

The leader's cheer echoes throughout the crowd. Weapons of various shapes and sizes are raised. The army turns, and a new threat to Aspera moves across the thousand universes.

Robot # 207 said:

"That Block Factory will be producing armor Blocks until it's destroyed, feel free to use those blocks"
The First Armor Block becomes Cover for the Block Factory/reinforces the Block Factory

The Mech Faces Deca, it then Boosts towards them while Firing its Weapons, the Cannon, Machine guns and Missiles, As it closes the Distance The Mech Builds a Sword made from Blocks, it then Grabs the sword to Slice and Dice Deca, The Pointed Blocks that act as the Blade being sufficient to cut away Deca's edges, Finally The Mech Kicks Deca into the sky, juggling them with its Guns for a bit before Flying up and Slamming them Back down to Earth With the Sword and landing on top of them, The Mech then Boosts along the Ground to detach Deca from its foot

[Armor Up! 1/2] +1 from Joe
[Armor Up! 1/2] --> [Armor Up! 2/2]
The Mech Decides to Upgrade an existing unit this time, Upgrading the tank, to cover it's blocks with Armor Panels and Armor Blocks, granting it Armor and making it Actually Tanky
+1 to JOEbobobob
Kabula Cannon Cooldown: IIIII

You deal 20,000 damage to Deca!

You give the Tank a little bit of armor!

DragonAegis said:

[S-Support Slicer 4/15] +1 to Banana_The_Second

Tom Sawyer takes out a clump of air freshener.
They melt it down into liquid, mix it with some water, and put it into a spray can.
The air is freshened.

The Metalgamation fires on Deca.

Polar Star: Ready!

You freshen the air!

JOEbobobob said:

WELL THAT DIDN'T DO ANYTHING BUT THAT TRACKS SINCE THE THING IT WAS WAITING FOR DIDN'T HAPPEN WHICH WAS MORE OR LESS WHAT WAS EXPECTED REALLY. Very in the spirit of Pizzasmcpizzas and their 0$ Sentient Pizzas! But hey, Pizzasmcpizzas isn't Just about doing things which are expected to have no benefit. They're also about... jokes! And offhand statements that have highly worrying implications! And even useful things occasionally!
Guess which one we're going with today?... well, I don't know yet. Haven't decided. It's either the offhand statements or the useful things. or both? Lemme flip a coin.
...okay the coin landed on its edge so it's both.
Fun fact! Pizzasmcpizzas is Everywhere. Didn't used to be that way, but at some point after the War they upgraded to avoid paying rent or land tax. You might think being everywhere would lead to higher tax, but they didn't make the store any bigger, so there's only a few nanometers of Pizzasmcpizzas per planet- the rent/tax prices round down to zero in every respective country. How much this makes space cry is left as an exercise to the reader. On an unrelated note, Space tears are coming back on the Ultra Deluxe Garnish menu this September! Buy them where supplies last!
Why is this relevant? Well, Pizzasmcpizzas is everywhere... But it's not always the same amount everywhere! And this here weather is awfully changeable...
With a sound distinctly like space giving a defeated whimper, the moth-cake'd walls and floor of this corridor are replaced with the walls and floor of Pizzasmcpizzas' expansive main room, changing the weather into a Pizzasmcpizzas Weather! Naturally, this will lead to a steady supply of Pizzasmcpizzas™ sentient Pizzas coming in through the windows, not to mention those pizzas already scattered around the main room gradually revealing they are, indeed, sentient.
(You might think this means Pizzasmcpizzas has to pay rent or taxes, but that's only for when you're somewhere legally. Criminals don't need to pay taxes. true fact.)
Alright, so that's the 'highly worrying implications' one! Now, it's possible that's the whole of the actions power, in which case presumably doing it takes the whole of the action and so DefJOE runs out of time before he can do the rest. But I did say 'it's both', so I do need to at least try to do the other half, in case I indeed can. And that other half is, a Godmodder attack! those are useful, right? Right! and Aspera has basically been asking for it! also it's totally legal for DefJOE to fight them, because they're on his property!

Let's get started, shall we? one of the Floor Pizzas happens to have, when space gave up, appeared right next to Aspera's foot! It tackles Aspera ferociously! This is, of course, no threat. This Floor Pizza is made of Floor, so it's not like there's contact damage from Acid or something. and the Floor Pizza also isn't all that heavy or all that fast. But it does sorta... grab on to Aspera's leg. Could he kill it? Well... You can't kill the floor by Stepping on it, or flapping at it or whatever. Obviously. Otherwise there'd be no floor. So he'll have to hit it with that sword of his!
But maybe that isn't such a good idea, hmmmmmm? DefJOE isn't all quirky failure and openings, you know! Trouble with Swords: they're objects. So Aspera can swing his little sword and hit that little pizza and cut it clean in two- but then he'll eat a Tri-attack from Scope Creep in the face in the same motion.
"No problem", you say? "Aspera has those wings?" a solid point! But this is a Triattack, and he has only two wings! Three balls of energy, fire-ice-electric, shoot out and strike from distinct directions. No sword, no third defence- one of them's gonna hit.
Too trite, yes? 'strike from 3 angles', like nobody's ever heard of that before! Aspera can just slash faster and bring his sword up. But consider who's firing the tri-attack: Scope Creep. it'd be downright silly to think there's only as many balls of energy as originally planned! The fourth one, added pseudo-retroactively by the power of Scope Creep, is a ball of directed-and-controlled light, and therefore invisible- and That one loops around and strikes Aspera from the back, right where the two wings meet and so where they cannot defend- and he'd be hard-pressed to block that spot with his sword, either.
Now, of course, Aspera can't just dodge, since the Tri-attack starts when he tries to remove the Floor Pizza and so his foot is quite firmly caught. You might think he could dodge after the Floor Pizza dies, but the thing is the Floor Pizza's grab attack has a minimum duration- a floor, one might say- of 1 second, and it keeps resetting that duration over and over until it dies, so he's quite stuck. As for simply never removing it... sure, feel free! It'll leave him vulnerable to whoever else attacks next, then, being unable to dodge and all. Scope Creep isn't DefJOE exactly, so it'll still be here next turn, like the rest of the Pizzasmcpizzas Weather's effects- the attack can wait as long as it needs.
Hm-hm, but what if Aspera does his little 'Narrative fire thing' trick? or sends out some kinda pulse of power? Well, those are some problems! And of course there's always the 'what if he's just more competent' problem! For the former, well- So what? You think DefJOE, anyone with a little bit of DefJOE in them, is going to just sit down because Aspera says so? You can't intimidate someone who's always revelling in their absolute immortality; you can't will someone into submission if you can't touch their will. So basically, if Aspera does the narrative fire trick, DefJOE, or the closest still-available substitute, will walk right up to Aspera while he's busy telling some projectiles to evaporate, and deck him in the face.
For the second- solid answer! omnidirectional counter, yup. Unfortunately, one of the other Pizzas on the floor is a Mirror Pizza, so Aspera now has to block his own reflected power-pulse, and also Scope Creep just uses Tri Attack again but with 5 projectiles this time(an orb of gravity comes next). Good effort, though! If he sends out enough counters like that he'll run through the Floor's timer. The solution to that, then, is the same as the solution for 'what if he's more competent':
Like just a totally normal gun (except invisible. It's an import from Yugioh Abridged.). Guns fire projectiles fast! an (invisible) bullet could easily fly through the gap between omnidirectional counter-pulses of that kind, and with the gun being invisible, he can't be in position to block in advance!
alright that's enough details for this action- WHAT'S THIS? IT'S SCOPE CREEP WITH THE STEEL CHAIR! IF NECESSARY, SCOPE CREEP HITS ASPERA WITH A STEEL CHAIR! THIS IS AN AMAZING STEEL CHAIR! Really it's also a Steal chair, in the sense that Scope Creep stole it from DefJOE while he was busy using the charge below, but that's neither here nor there- unlike this steel chair, which is both here and there, because it's a quantum steal steel chair. In addition, it's made of reinforced steel alloy (the steel was reinforced with more steel), which makes it much more durable. Not to mention it's been polished to a mirror's shine, making it harder to tell what it is; looking at it, Aspera would first see his reflection. and of course, no steel chair is complete without mentioning how it's being swung. it's being swung very quickly from behind, at the top of Aspera's head. Wings? well, the steel chair will just steal a few seconds from Aspera and then what's he going to do? Nothing, that's what, because...

DefJOE changes the Weather to Pizzasmcpizzas Main Room.
DefJOE then, if the action has power left over, does a Godmodder attack on Aspera, consisting of a pizza grabbing his leg, then when he kills the pizza doing that with his sword(if he doesn't he's just being held in place perpetually.), attacking him with a tri-attack (secretly with 4 attacks; one is invisible light, and hits his back where the wings sprout from) while his arm is out of position. If he does the purple narrative trick, DefJOE walks up to him and punches him in the face; if he does some kind of power pulse deflection part of it gets mirrored at him for a repeat performance of the tri-attack; if he blocks everything else successfully he gets shot with an invisible bullet from an invisible gun... And then Scope Creep appears from behind and hits him with an unnecessarily-Scope-Crept Steel Chair.]

10/10 Repeat[RandomizeChargeContentByCharacter.bat]
"PowerCapacitor.Module is at triggerpoint. Activating RandomizeChargeContentByCharacter.bat..."
"CurrentCharacter==DefJOEPizzasmcpizzas. Allocating Power..."

Y'know, that Moth had a solid idea mechanically. Which makes sense, because it's really powered by just as much intelligence as DefJOE, just running an intentionally incompetent mask.

Not that DefJOE '0$ sentient' Pizzasmcpizzas has anything to say about intentional incompetence-

Versatility is worth its weight in power! But you know what else is? Branding! And that's why DefJOE's upgrade to the next Crewmate is different from the Moths:

He turns his generic Crewmate into a Crewmate Pizza! It keeps all its Task-Doing capabilities, as that'll do just fine for its new existence as a Crewmate Pizza- no, the full force of this upgrade is directed towards giving it the ability to Respawn! not a specific, finite amount of times- It should gain some amount of respawns each round (whether integer or decimal). Reducing its HP in the process is just fine, too. Perhaps 10,000 HP, 4 respawns, +1 Respawn/round? tracks to how much 10 charges is worth, I think- but if the HP stays the same that's no problem either.

[Entities: Pizzasmcpizzas Storefront (somehow inside Pizzasmcpizzas' main room) tries to summon a Marioshroom Pizza, which can add respawns to an entity(with probability/quantity inversely proportional to the target's MHP).
CREWMATE MOTH PALADIN and Crewmate Pizza heal the Storefront. If it reaches full, they heal whoever else is damaged.
Toxic Cake bodyguards Wade.]

1/10 Repeat[RandomizeChargeContentByCharacter.bat] (+1 from Krill)
+1 to whoever +'s me.

(Weather changing takes your full action.)

You turn the Upper Chambers into a very expansive pizza parlor! You then turn the Crewmate into a Crewmate Pizza!

Crimtane Shovel said:

[Charge Gifting]
A +1 very poorly tossed to [Name Here](Krill13), so it's forced to awkwardly roll towards them.

[Main Action]

...It's funny.

A long time ago- far too long to remembered by those of mortal status- I was imprisoned. While the reasons now elude me, I still remember the halcyon days of being a Ruler; of being at the top. But now? Now, I am but a shell, discarded and left to rot in a prison forgotten millenia ago. The arcane power I once wielded having long since left me, scattered like dust to the wind. The might I once held over the world was reduced to nothing, as bit by bit it was stripped from me. But they didn't account for one thing. My will.

Even as that which bound me drained away my strength, I learned. I studied. I taught myself the ancient sealing techniques they used on me, so I may finally achieve revenge. But that day would never come. Those who locked me away had long since perished, their bones still guarding the secret of my tomb. And yet, I held. Their spells had yet to take my latest, and soon to be last, trick. For in their haste, they had made a mistake. They only took what was, not what will be.

And so I was, trapped in a crypt none knew of, forced to suffer an eternity of bring chained to a cell which robbed me of my strength to gift it to bodies lost to the dirt. Or at least, that should gave been my fate. I cannot say when it happened, but one day, I saw something... new. A small, rose colored hole, just barely big enough to fit a hand into. A voice rang out, one that was all the company I had now. It was my own.

They said they would release me from my shackles on one condition. I aid them in the defeat of their enemy. Naturally, in the situation I was trapped in, I had no choice but to agree. The silence was deafening, and then, it all went white...

...And like that, Sealed © is made. With movements more mechanical than Mecha ©, he raises both arms. Then, large, ethereal chains snake their way from the ground. They entwine THE LORDE, but they do not harm, nor do they limit movement. And yet, they feel... restricted. Like something has been sealed away... it just me, or are the lights brighter than before?

[Entity Commands]
Sealed © had a novel written to explain them trying to stop Sabotage Lights, so they can just do that.

The weaker Nameless © is to perform some self care, while the newer one has a double shift. I need them to take the stabbing from THE LORDE (exclusively in the event no one else volunteers), and to pour some more fire on the Lesser Igneous Wroughtnaught to heal them.

Spiritkeeper © (who I DEFINITELY REMEMBERED) is, through a series of ghost antics I'd break my brain attempting to describe, starts work on a device capable of preventing the newly existent core from detonating.

Mecha ©, still legally an expert in this, starts tearing off parts of The Machine. Given as how the Lesser Igneous Wroughtnaught's presence isn't melting it, clearly it's rather heatproof. Could be useful for later.

Speaking of the Lesser Igneous Wroughtnaught... he attacks THE LORDE. What? Did you expect something else? The only other option is to punch someone actively helping. Really, it's quite d-

[Charge plus OOC Comments]
A Royal Tribute [17/20]

Sealed © summoned!

Torix said:

[RP & Charge Stuff]

Taking the +1s and putting them with the rest, Firestorm smiles as he attempts to add his own potential to the stack... and finds that he's only got a single charge where previously, he always found 2. Despite that, he forsakes building his own charge and goes ahead and gives a +1 to Crimtane Shovel, in the form of a coupon for grief counseling. Figure we could probably all use one of those, with some of our entities...

For convenience's sake, the player behind the screen quickly grabs the stat block for the Fortegreen Crewmate and throws its abilities here. "Always helps to know what you're up against, right? Plus, all these abilities are gonna stick around."

Knife: Equivalent to 10,000 attack damage. Can be removed from Fortegreen Crewmate with a sufficient shenanigan.
Gun: Equivalent to 5,000 attack damage, also ignores armor. Can be removed from Fortegreen Crewmate with a sufficient shenanigan.
Bladed Tongue: Deal 10,000 damage to up to three different entities.
Sabotage Doors: The turn after this is used, only attacks following a random rule will damage the Fortegreen Crewmate.
Sabotage Core: Deals 25,000 damage to all entities on the Battlefield. If Preventative Measures is at or above 25,000, instead removes 25,000 Preventative Measures and deals no damage. Preventative Measures can be increased by player actions.
Sabotage Lights: All attacks on the next turn, by every player and entity except the Fortegreen Crewmate, have a 25% chance to miss. This does not apply to shenanigan actions such as increasing Preventative Measures or disarming the Fortegreen Crewmate.
Sabotage Communications: On the next turn, all [AG] entities attack at random, ignoring any entity orders.
Sabotage Weather: On the next turn, there will be no weather.
Emergency Meeting: Increases the number of Crewmates available for Consume Crewmate by 1.
Red Crystal: All actions targeting the Fortegreen Crewmate, including shenanigans, have a 10% chance to be blocked by the indestructible Red Crystal.

"That aside... something's off. I need to go - not physically, but I do need to go elsewhere and take care of some stuff. I should be coming back to the Lower Chambers when I'm done. Good luck, everyone - hopefully the Pipis help."
Firestorm then leaves the battlefield of the Lower Chambers, heading back up - skirting around the battlefield of the upper area as well, he heads back out to the entrance, before finally arriving back on that bridge from the intermission.
"...Alright, mysterious sense of deja vu. I'm here."
He'll spend whatever's left of his action this turn taking stock of the area, even if it is just the bridge and the void. Something more has to be going on here...

[Entity Orders]
The Acolyte of Zaeqult, meanwhile, having been struck by Deca, roots the being's soul in place before sending a barrage of spears from all directions towards it. It doesn't get, or deserve, a shield in this instance. Additionally, he politely requests healing from Dave, seeing as he is the only currently-injured entity on the field.

Anchor Block
Pipis - 1/6 [

Plaguebearer Mod - 9/15

You return to the Upper Chambers... however, when you try to find the mirror that leads to the ominous bridge, it's very conspicuously absent!

(Since this didn't do what you hoped it would, I'll allow you to move back to the Lower Chambers for free next turn, if you'd prefer to be there.)

Banana_The_Second said:

(Hey, uh. I think Ink should've regenerated back 5,000 HP? Unless Aspera's attack took his regeneration out of commission for a turn.)

[9/30]: 30% of the way there chat.
+1 to Kita in the form of a welcome-back mat (Spacelover1)

Ink Bridges Universes to bring in another Sans, before handing Bert to this Sans so Bert can protect them.
Ink then proceeds to continue attacking THE LORDE with the Sans he summoned.

[Action]: Protecc
The air gets colder and colder, with...odd ethereal snowflakes forming in the air. Several are formed all around THE LORDE as well...but they don't seem to do anything for now.

A sabotaged core, after all, is simply a source of power whose safety measures have been tampered with, turning the core into a massive bomb that blows itself up in the heat it generates, creating an explosion. The cooling system, after all, is typically the most important part of any non-steam reliant power generator such as a core.
And what is an explosion, but just extremely fast combustion? Also known as fire?

The air seems to crackle as snow does when you step on it, as Pol summons, in veiled visibility, a towering ghost comprised entirely of small icicles, with a pair of yellow slits for eyes.
"...your instructions are clear, Cryo."
"On my mark, cover all entities here marked with a snowflake in a protective dome of your strongest, most frigid ice. The armoured one with the most snowflakes, however...blanket them in your worst snowstorm. I want them and the 'bomb' they're going to set off frozen to the core."
"For all the other snowflakes randomly floating around...make a wall of actual snowflakes through all of the markers that can be frozen into a wall at a moment's notice, for more defense."

For ice beats fire...

Cryo nods slowly, before seemingly...fading away? Well, no, they just became fully invisible and intangible, simply waiting for Pol's mark.

In the meantime, Pol zips between each and every non-PG entity to cast an ethereal snowflake on the forehead of every entity...for the purpose of increasing the amount of preventative measures against THE LORDE's sabotage core ability.

Kirby's just thinking of what ability to use next...

You install 17,000 Preventative Measures!

Spacelover1 said:


Kita dismisses the Ultra Sword and sends a Revolution Flame towards Deca, wanting to know if that did anything.

Well, it sure does something! Deca is destroyed!


Wade heals the Variable Entity by 6,000 HP! The PizzasMcPizzas Storefront tries to summon a pizza, but fails! THE CREWMATE MOTH PALADIN HEALS FIVE THOUSAND HP TO THE PIZZASMCPIZZAS STOREFRONT! The Crewmate Pizza heals it to full! The Mini Block Factory summons an Armor Block!

Aspera, seeing the sudden appearance of the pizza parlor, has an idea... He plunges his sword into the ground, and dark magic begins seeping into the walls! The atmosphere suddenly becomes a lot more sinister...

With Deca and Donu defeated, Captain Churchill leads you down more twisting corridors until you come across a room made of black stone! A massive skeleton in a gunslinger outfit looms over a familiar looking chess piece... Is that the Shotgun King? He seems to be trying to shoot the looming skeleton with his shotgun, to mixed results.

Captain Churchill: There he is!
Captain Churchill: The Gunslinger was attacked by a necromancer... and then he was turned into that by him.

Suddenly, the Shotgun King notices you watching!

Shotgun King: Hey! You there!
Shotgun King: Serve your king by killing this monster!

It looks like you might not have a choice in the matter... the undead Gunslinger draws his pistol and turns it on you!

The Corrupted Pizza Parlor spawns several Cheese Pizzas!


Ink Sans attacks THE LORDE, dealing 20,000 damage! Ink Sans bridges universes, summoning in a Sans! Ink Sans regenerates! The Pipis hits THE LORDE, dealing 50,000 damage!

THE LORDE charges at Ink Sans with a knife! Ink Sans dodges! THE LORDE then tries to mow down © with its gun! Crimtane Shovel Your augmentations will be suppressed if you fail to counter!

The Lesser Igneous Wroughtnaught attacks THE LORDE, dealing 2,500 damage! The weaker Nameless © heals to full HP! The stronger Nameless © heals the Lesser Igneous Wroughtnaught by 12,000 HP! Mecha © reduces the Integrity of the Machine by 7%! Spiritkeeper © installs 8,000 Preventative Measures! Sealed © seals away Sabotage Lights!

The AI of THE LORDE changes! A cold wind starts to blow from deeper in the Machine...


AG: Destroy Aspera!
AG: Befriend the people you encounter in the Uberdungeon!
AG: Find the Sacred Black Weapons before the Upper Circle does!

N: Seek out your personal objectives.
N: Befriend the people you encounter in the Uberdungeon, if you're so inclined.

PG: Protect Aspera!
PG: Befriend or defeat the people you encounter in the Uberdungeon!

ALL: If you go into the Lower Chambers, don't let the creator of the Machine find you!


Corrupted Pizza Parlor: The upper chambers have been transformed into an expansive pizza kitchen. Due to interference from Aspera, they will all be [PG]. This weather is hard to change.
Cold Wind: A cold wind is blowing from somewhere unknown. All attacks in the Lower Chambers deal 1,000 less damage.

Upper Chambers:


[GM]: 20/50 HP, Godmodder


Wade [AG]: HP: 15,000/15,000, Healing: 6,000
Captain Churchill [AG]: HP: 50,000/50,000, Armor: 5,000, Main Gun: 10,000 damage, ignores armor, Machine Gun: 15,000 damage, stopped entirely by any amount of armor
Variable Entity [JOE Phoenix Cake OF THE MOTHPIRE - AG]: HP: 75,000/75,000, EXPLOSION TAGS: 9,000, Current Form: PizzasMcPizzas Storefront

Cake Guy's Cake: Spawn a Cake entity worth 0.5 Charge.
MOTH PALADIN NOVICE: Generate 8,000 EXPLOSION TAGS. 1,000 Attack. 1,000 Healing.
PizzasMcPizzas Storefront: 30% chance to spawn a Pizza entity worth 1.5 Charge.
John Phoenix's Eyebrows: Sue an entity, inflicting a debuff that reduces one of their stats by 1 Charge and grants that amount of stats to this entity. Can be dispelled with actions. If the entity dies, the boost goes away, but becomes a permanent part of the abilities for this form. No additional abilities (yet).

Toxic Cake [JOE Phoenix Cake OF THE MOTHPIRE - AG]: HP: 1,000/1,000, Deathrattle: Deals 2,000 damage to its killer
CREWMATE MOTH PALADIN [JOE Phoenix Cake OF THE MOTHPIRE - AG]: HP: 55,000/55,000, Regeneration: 5,000, DOES MOTH PALADIN DEEDS
Crewmate Pizza [JOE Phoenix Cake OF THE MOTHPIRE - AG]: HP: 10,000/10,000, Respawns: 4 (+1 per turn), does tasks if it did not die last turn
Medium Tank [Core Block - AG]: HP: 20,000/20,000, Attack: 5,000, Regeneration: 2,500, Armor: 2,500
Buggy [Core Block - AG]: HP: 2,000/2,000, Dodge: 90%, Regeneration: 500, Attack: 2,000
Mini Block Factory [Core Block - AG]: HP: 5,000/5,000, summons one Armor Block per turn
Armor Block [Core Block - AG](x2): HP: 1,000/1,000(x2)
Avatar of Zaeqult [Firestorm256 - AG]: HP: 26,000/40,000, Armor: 1,000, Attack: 7,500
Metalgamation [Tom Sawyer - AG]: HP: 20,000/20,000, Armor: 6,000, Attack: 5,000, Reaction Fire: 2,000

The Lich [PG - ELITE]: HP: 100,000/100,000, Attack: 20,000x2
Sentient Cheese Pizza [PG]: HP: 5,000/5,000(x4), Attack: 1,000

Shotgun King [N]: HP: 50,000/50,000, Shotgun Firepower: 5, Shotgun Ammo: 2 Loaded, 5 Available, Fire Shotgun: Deals 1,000 damage to random entities of a chosen faction for each Shotgun Firepower, requires 1 Loaded Ammo: Load Shotgun: Loads shotgun if ammo is available, gains ammo if none is available, can only use one skill per turn

Lower Chambers:

The Machine [N]: Blocking progress! Integrity in this area: 56%


Ink Sans [AG-BOSS]: HP: 50,000/50,000, Attack: 20,000, Regeneration: 5,000, Dodge: 50%, Bridge Universes: IIII, Dodge Exhaustion

Bridge Universes: Summon an Alternate Universe Sans with 10,000 HP, 75% Dodge, 5,000 Attack, and Dodge Exhaustion.
Dodge Exhaustion: When an entity with Dodge Exhaustion dodges an attack, it loses 25% Dodge chance. When it is hit successfully, its dodge resets to 75%.

Sans [AG]: HP: 10,000/10,000, Attack: 5,000, Dodge: 75%, Dodge Exhaustion
Bert the Living Shield [Pol and Kirby - AG]: HP: 40,000/50,000

THE LORDE [PG-BOSS]: HP: 157,500/500,000, NO U, spawns hostile entities
Bladed Tongue: III
Sabotage Doors: II
Sabotage Core: IIII (Preventative Measures: 25,000/25,000)
Sabotage Lights: III
Sabotage Communications: III
Sabotage Weather: IIII
Emergency Meeting: II

NO U: Can attack players. If they fail to counter, their augmentations (including Destiny) are disabled for the next round. If © fails to counter an attack from THE LORDE, his Destiny is permanently disabled as THE LORDE takes his nameplate.
Current AI: Detuned Spawner

Lesser Igneous Wroughtnaught [©]: HP: 18,000/20,000, Thorns: 5,000, Attack: 2,500
Nameless ©: HP: 15/15, Action Power: 10,000
Nameless ©: HP: 15/15, Action Power: 10,000
Mecha ©: HP: 10/20, Action Power: 4,000, gains 1,500 Action Power when at or below 50% HP
Spiritkeeper ©: HP: 12/12, Action Power: 6,000, Call Phantom: Action Power increases by 3,000 if a © or ©-aligned entity died last round
Sealed ©: HP: 10/10, Seal Away: Can delay a charged skill's cooldown each turn, stronger skills require more creative descriptions to seal


LapisLazuli': Vortex [AG]
Firewing: Just Flask [AG]
Champion Greninjoid: Reese [AG]
Esther: Narrator [AG]
Layn: Layn [AG]
O.R.I.G.I.N.: Decil [AG]
Sylveone46: Cutlass McClaymore [AG]
6FootDeep: Swarm of Zachs [AG]
Zparks: Sblib [N]
Whimsythescholar: The Lady In Violet [N]
Master of Infinity: The Master of the Infinitum [AG]
ChrysalisM: Adaptoid #001 [AG]
little1133: Birdie [AG]
Kitnight: ?
W32Coravint: W32Coravint [AG]
Noctis-X: Noctis [AG]
Dragonwolf73: Niyr [PG]
Endboi [AG]
rush99999: The English Muffin [N]

Upper Chambers:
King_Fuffy: Olivia Opal [AG]
Robot #207: Core Block [AG]
Spacelover1: Kita [AG]
Genhack: Grimcloak [AG]
DragonAegis: Tom Sawyer [AG]
Torix: Firestorm256 [AG]

Lower Chambers:
Crimtane Shovel: ©
Banana-Fish: Pol and Kirby [AG]

Razor_Typhoon: Pylog [N]
Krill13: [Name Here] [N] (Currently carrying a capital "I")
Dinfinity: Wafer [N]

Destiny: Mastery of Tactics
High-Conductivity Skin

+ Your action power is doubled!
--- You must give out two charges each turn, and they must both go to [AG] players!​

Destiny: Spawn Point
Ocular Implants

+ Your actions have a 50% chance to be 3x as effective!
- All of your actions have their power reduced to 0.5x before all other multipliers!
+ Entities with dodging capabilities cannot dodge your actions!
± This augmentation does not affect attacks against Godmodders.​

Monkey Wizard's Staff: +2,000 Action Power.
Octopus King's Crown: You are very confident.

Destiny: Bookkeeper
Oryx's Greatsword: x2 Base Action Power.

Crimtane Shovel:
Destiny: ©
Understanding the Nameplate: Depth

+ Copies you summon have more interesting and varied abilities!​

Understanding the Nameplate: Advanced Capabilities

+ For your action, instead of summoning a new ©, you can transform an existing © into a more powerful form!
- The abilities of the more powerful form are likely to be at least a little different.​

Destiny: Fog Missing Piece

Robot #207:
Destiny: Core Control

Destiny: How Did We Get Here?

Destiny: Astromancer

Spoils of War:
Misery: Polar Star. Owner: Tom Sawyer [AG]. A strange gun, with two scratches embedded into it. It looks like it gets stronger if used carefully. Once every 3 turns, it can be used to deal 1,000, 2,500, or 5,000 damage, depending on its current level. The level goes up when PG entities die or the Godmodder takes damage, and it goes down when AG entities die. Level: 1, Cooldown: III
The Teletubbies: Tubby Custard Machine. Owner: Pol and Kirby [AG]. A whimsical machine with two large spires for storing Tubby Custard. Once every 4 turns, it can be used to heal 5,000 HP to any entity. This healing can bring entities over their max HP, if they're not already above their max HP. Additionally, the Tubby Custard Key may be used one time to revive any entity that died the preceding turn, with full HP. THE TUBBY CUSTARD KEY MAY ONLY BE USED ONCE THROUGH THE ENTIRE GAME. Cooldown: IIII. Tubby Custard Key: Available
Fortegreen Crewmate: Emergency Meeting Button. Owner: JOE Phoenix Cake OF THE MOTHPIRE [AG]. A red button that can be used to assemble everyone in the area. Once every 5 turns, it can be used to summon a Crewmate, who the owner will be able to direct to various tasks. Its effectiveness will vary. Cooldown: IIIII
Kabula: Kabula Cannon. Owner: Robot #207 [AG]. A large, somewhat unwieldy cannon that fires three shots at once. Once every 5 turns, it can be used to deal 10,000 damage to three different entities. For the purposes of this Spoil, Crowd entities are counted as a single entity. Cooldown: IIIII
Cyber End*r Dr*gon: Cyber Dr*gon Egg. Owner: Niyr [PG]. Somehow, turning the End*r Dr*gon into a technological terror passed the property on to this egg. The egg appears to have no function, but there is a green button on the back. The longer you look at it, the brighter it gets. You get the feeling you can only press this button once... Green Button: Unavailable
King Dedede (first fight): Abandoned Bandanna. Owner: Olivia Opal [AG]. The lost bandanna of Bandanna Dee, presumably discarded when Bandanna Dee was used to summon Kabula. The Abandoned Bandanna may be given to an entity, granting it an additional 5,000 Attack until it dies, at which point the Abandoned Bandanna will become available again. Status: Available
Shaggy: The Sandwich Of Oblivion. Owner: [Name Here] [N]. A sandwich of unfathomable power, made of the finest ingredients one can find in the thousand universes. This sandwich may be fed to an NPC a total of three times across the entire game, with an indeterminate and plot-linked cooldown. Eating the sandwich will cause a major plot disturbance or critical interference. This will not always work out in the favor of the owner. Status: Unavailable, uses left: 1
The Spamtanic: Pipis. Owner: Firestorm [AG]. A pipis, inert. Once every 4 turns, you can activate the pipis by selecting a target. It will appear on the battlefield with 20,000 HP, and you may use actions to protect it from attacks. The turn after it is summoned, it will detonate, dealing 50,000 damage to its target. If the target dies, the pipis will instead change its target and detonate on the next turn after that. Cooldown: IIIIII
Overcharged Mob Spawner: Debug Stick. Owner: Pylog [N]. A stick that seems to break the nearby environment. And yet, it seems to have a much worse effect on living things. Once per five turns. you can destroy an entity you own to deal its max HP as damage to another entity. Cooldown: IIIII
Helkite Overlord: Shotgun. Owner: ©. A shotgun made of distressingly black metal and distressingly white wood. It seems to have been passed down through many owners. The initials "DK," "GB∞," and "JQA" are carved into the stock. There is only one bullet inside. When fired, this shotgun will instantly kill any one target of your choice. With the exception of Godmodders and other Adventurers, this can target anything on the battlefield and it will not fail. It may only be used once. You could use it more if you found more ammo. You will not find more ammo. Status: Available

Permanent Upgrades:
Chapter 1: The Great K.A.T.E.

A strange red bucket that contains a weather machine. What does K.A.T.E. stand for? Your guess is as good as mine! The Great K.A.T.E. provides many forms of weather information, explaining environmental effects and attack boosts given by the current area. Weather can be changed by a sufficiently creative action and/or the influences of various entities.
Chapter 2: Crossroads of Destiny. A portion of Shaggy's power, specifically dealing in one's "destiny." At an indeterminate time, the Crossroads of Destiny will appear to a player character, giving them a large number of choices for a permanent augmentation that can shake up how they play the game. (Indeterminate time means I'll offer you a crossroads whenever I think I have enough cool ideas for your character.)
Chapter 3: The Dubious Friendship of a Mirror-Entity. Spending time on the other side of the mirror seems to have made you stronger. The mirror-entity's influence? It seems likely, but you're not sure why. If an attack against a Godmodder is sufficiently creative, it has a chance to deal an additional point of damage.
Destroy The Godmodder: War of a Thousand Universes (CHAPTER 5 - TRIAL PSI) (Always accepting new players) RP (2024)
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