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This is the Most Expensive Slime You Can Buy | Nerdable (2)

Slime has stolen the hearts of children and adults everywhere. The gooey and stretchy texture has become a fidget toy on its own with less noise, but more mess. What started as a cute little project for kids during off hours of the day has turned into a business run by young adults.

While slime only takes a few cheap ingredients, like contact solution, glue, and some food coloring, slimes have become pricier as the years go on. But what is the most expensive slime? Kids started their business by selling slime globs for around $2 each but quickly grew into creating vibrant and decorative slimes with more add-ins and ingredients. Some even go above and beyond the average $6 to $8 value, like these most expensive slimes.

6. Sloomoo Institute Crazy Cake Shake Slime, $28

Slime kits have become more and more popular. And not the kits where you have to make the slime yourself, but the kits that allow you to play with multiple parts of the slime and mix them together to create the ultimate slime combination. Sloomoo has one of the most expensive slime examples for this. Their Crazy Cake Shake slime comes with a few items to create a cloud creme base.

It comes with a clay cake that creates a creamy texture, as well as a creamy base filled with sprinkles, and a dollop of whipped cream slime and frosting for the ultimate adventure into a perfect squeezy, cushy, and stretchy slime filled with sweetness. Sloomoo is probably better known for its slime experience, where you can touch and play with all types of slime, and at the end of the experience, make your own slime to take home with you.

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5. Momo Slimes Melon Pan, $44.99

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Momo is one of the bigger names in the slime business. They have crazy creations that are both unique and high-quality, a top-notch contender for slime collectors. One of their most popular items is their giant container of slimes, like the Melon Pan.

Most of their slimes are priced at around $15 to $18, however, their giant container costs $44.99, over double the price of their normal selections, but there is double the product in the Melon Pan compared to the other slimes. The Melon Pan has a hand-sculped clay melon pan on top with a glossy slime base for a final texture of fluffy slime once mixed together. The scent is a vibrant melon cream and has a beautiful light green hue.

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4. Forever Wick Candle Co. Diamond Slime, $46

This is the Most Expensive Slime You Can Buy | Nerdable (5)

It’s a bit strange that a luxurious candle company is also home to some of the most expensive slimes, but with the growing popularity of the toys, it’s no wonder more companies are branching out to the creations. Forever Wick Candle Co. has several amazing candles that not only smell divine but also give you presents when you light them.

Each candle has a package that contains a genuine diamond inside, with some being worth up to $12,000. They not only expanded this idea into bath bombs but also to slimes, where every slime contains a genuine diamond. They come in designs like Strawberry Cupcakes, Cotton Candy, Strawbanana Cupcakes, and Pink Sugar, each one worth $46.

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3. Dope Slimes Custom Slime, $47

This is the Most Expensive Slime You Can Buy | Nerdable (6)

Dope Slime has a wide selection of slimes, from cloud to butter, clear to foam, all with unique and interesting designs. Their products also have a wide range of prices, from more affordable than most on the list with $9 slimes, while still having bulk packages for around $60. But what makes Dope Slime a great place to shop is that you can actually design your own slime right on their website.

Customers have the option of a glossy, butter, or cloud base slime with various color options. You can add up to three toppings, or add-ons, and one scent. The sizes range from a small 5-ounce to an average 8-ounce to a giant 32-ounce. For those who want to pull out all the stops, you’re looking at spending around $47 total on a slime, making it one of the most expensive slimes that you can buy.

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2. Rodem Slimes Hot Summer Smoothie, $48.97

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Rodem is yet another popular slime company that many slime lovers flock to. They have discounted slimes often to help those purchase affordable, luxurious slime and have a wide variety of custom products. Customers enjoy the add-ons that are so creative and match the vibe of each slime, and the several base textures that make fidgeting even more enjoyable.

Most of their slimes are priced around $16, but some can go up as high as $48, like their 24-ounce slime kits. Most of the 24-ounce kits are jumbo sizes of their other slimes, like Hot Summer Smoothi, Hello Cheese, and Cookie Box, each coming with unique colors, add-ons, and textures.

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1. Peachybbies Discontinued Crystal Quartz Cake, $135

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Peachybbies is one of the most popular slime shops around, along with Momo. Slime connoisseurs enjoy the high-quality packaging, the long-lasting smells, and the wide selection of slimes. Thanks to their creative slime ideas and vibrant colors and add-ons, Peachybbies has a stellar reputation. The founder, Andrea, started making and selling slime in 2017 and grew it into a business of 20 employees, only at the age of 18.

While so many of her slimes can be purchased on her online store for around $18, a decent price, her bundles with 5 slimes can be purchased for about $90. Her discontinued creations, however, are another story. Many turn to eBay for the slimes they missed out on, like the Cloud 9 slime or Crystal Quartz Cake for around $135, the most expensive slime.

This is the Most Expensive Slime You Can Buy | Nerdable (9)

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